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  1. literature
    Personal Essays EssayPlease, consider the genre with me.
  2. apologies
    Writer of Controversial ‘Jewish Rebellion’ Essay Issues ‘Heartfelt Apology’“It was never my intention to disrespect the Jewish faith or anyone who engages in Jewish customs, traditions or religious beliefs.”
  3. personal essays
    14 Hilarious Reactions to the ‘Jewish Rebellion’ EssayA Washington Post essay titled “I am tired of being a Jewish man’s rebellion” has ignited a tidal wave of controversy.
  4. personal essays
    Chelsea Manning Addresses ‘Locker Room Talk’ in the MilitaryShe penned an essay for Yahoo Beauty.
  5. goodbye to all that
    Hillary Clinton Is Writing a Book of Personal EssaysIt will presumably include a foreword by Katy Perry.
  6. deal breakers
    Helpful Man Warns Us in Advance Not to Sleep With Him Knowledge is power.
  7. weighty issues
    It’s Impossible to Have an Honest Conversation About WeightEspecially for women.