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  1. my two cents
    I’m Terrified I’ll Still Be Living With My Parents When I’m 40How do I start climbing out of debt?
  2. my two cents
    ‘Working With Rich People Is Making Me Depressed!’Let your rage fuel you.
  3. my two cents
    I Want to Travel, My Fiancé Wants to Save for a House. How Can We Compromise?He views my spending as frivolous, even though he spends money on all the sports packages.
  4. my two cents
    I Defaulted on My Student Loans. Now What?What to do when you’re in a debt trap.
  5. my two cents
    How Can I Recover From the Money Problems of My Early 20s?Your problems might be frustrating, but at least they’re fixable.
  6. my two cents
    How to Live With Student Debt Without Losing Your MindEating cereal for dinner isn’t the solution.
  7. my two cents
    I’m a Freelancer. What Should I Do With My $20,000 Savings?A solution for those of us without a 401(k).
  8. my two cents
    ‘My Husband Spends All His Money on His 13-Year-Old Daughter’And we’re about to have a baby.
  9. my two cents
    How to Stop Cheating on Your BudgetThe key is to catch yourself at just the right moment.
  10. my two cents
    I Think My Broke Roommate Is Taking Advantage of MeBut I also feel bad for her!
  11. my two cents
    What If I Don’t Want to Combine Finances With My Live-in Boyfriend?There’s a difference between laissez-faire trust and turning a blind eye.
  12. my two cents
    How Can I Get My Spending Under Control and Stop Feeling Guilty?You need to prove to yourself that you’re capable of creating better habits.
  13. my two cents
    I Don’t Want to Keep Taking My Parents’ MoneyIt’s easy to get hooked on free stuff.
  14. my two cents
    How 5 Women Paid Off Their Student Loans in Under 10 YearsThe numbers can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel.
  15. living with money
    I Was a Shopping Addict With a Bottomless Bank AccountMy husband had no idea that I had $25,000 on my Saks credit card.
  16. my two cents
    How to Make a Budget You Can Actually Stick ToThink of it as mindful spending.
  17. my two cents
    How a Freelance Writer Paid Off $22,000 of Credit Card Debt in 6 Months“I finally realized that no one was going to solve this problem for me.”
  18. my two cents
    How Can I Get My Mom to Spend Less Money?When she thinks you’re her retirement plan.
  19. my two cents
    Is It Time for Me to Move Out of My Parents’ House?It’s time to think about the next step.
  20. my two cents
    Do I Have What It Takes to Make Money on Instagram?There are three ways to do it.
  21. my two cents
    My Boyfriend Has Been Lying to Me About MoneyFinancial infidelity is a common problem.
  22. my two cents
    How Will I Ever Afford All the Stuff I Want?The next phase of your financial life doesn’t have a blueprint.
  23. my two cents
    How 4 Different Couples Save MoneyReal couples share their experience.
  24. my two cents
    Should I Pay Off My Debt or Start a Savings Account?The mathematical answer isn’t necessarily the right one.
  25. my two cents
    Should I Pay Rent When My Boyfriend Owns the House?You’re smart to exercise caution — but don’t overthink it.
  26. my two cents
    How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Pay Me Back?It’s time to take ownership over your paycheck.
  27. my two cents
    The Only Money Strategy You Need for 2018A money diet will fail you. Try this instead.
  28. my two cents
    How I Saved 30 Percent of My Income in 2017A simple savings plan to apply to the new year.
  29. my two cents
    How Can I Stop Fighting With My Boyfriend About Our Bills?A 50/50 split isn’t always the answer.
  30. my two cents
    My Parents Are Obsessed With Me Making More MoneyHere’s how to make it through the holidays (and the rest of the year).
  31. my two cents
    My Dad Is Stealing My MoneyHere’s how to cut him off.
  32. my two cents
    Will I Ever Have Enough Money?Let’s start with your definition of “enough.”
  33. my two cents
    I Can’t Afford to Divorce My Rich HusbandNever mind the legal fees. Here’s how to fight for what you deserve.
  34. my two cents
    9 Books About Money That Every Woman Should ReadThey won’t make you fall asleep.
  35. my two cents
    How Can I Train Myself to Want Less Stuff?Online shopping has made spending money too easy.
  36. my two cents
    I’m 32 and Single. Is Buying an Apartment a Terrible Idea?Real estate is a financial and emotional investment.
  37. my two cents
    Why Can’t I Get It Together Financially?Stop avoiding your bank balance.
  38. my two cents
    How Much Money Should I Have by the Time I’m 30?There’s no magic number, but here’s a general rule.
  39. my two cents
    Is Freezing My Eggs Worth the Cost?It’s more expensive than you think.
  40. my two cents
    I’m Doing Really Well at Work and It’s Ruining My RelationshipIt’s time to reexamine what you really want.
  41. my two cents
    Is There a Not-Awkward Way to Ask My Parents About Their Wills?A tricky conversation at best.
  42. personal finance
    Serena Williams’s Guilty Pleasure Is Buying PropertyShe has no idea how much property she owns.
  43. sports
    Serena Williams Attempted to Deposit $1 Million at Her Bank’s Drive-through“They were like, ‘I think you need to come in for this.’”
  44. my two cents
    I Have Money for the First Time Ever and I Feel Guilty About ItJust remember who you are — and don’t forget to save.
  45. my two cents
    How Do I Know If I Have a Shopping Problem?And what can I do to fix it?
  46. my two cents
    Am I a Bad Daughter If I Don’t Want to Go on Vacation With My Parents?At some point, it’s time to cut the cord.
  47. my two cents
    I’m Worried I’ll Never Be Able to Afford KidsIs anyone ever financially prepared to bring a child into this world?
  48. my two cents
    Is It Terrible to Want My Boyfriend to Make More Money?Many women wind up in a weird dance with money and relationships.
  49. my two cents
    My Husband Is Cheap But I Like to Spend. Are We Doomed?More and more couples are choosing to lead financially autonomous lives.
  50. my two cents
    My Mom Is Broke. How Can I Help Her?Reversing caretaker roles is one of the toughest parts of being an adult.
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