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Personality Psychology

  1. overachiever
    How to Teach Yourself to Be FunnierTo improve your sense of humor, start by making yourself laugh.
  2. personality psychology
    How Does Personality Affect Mental Health?New research offers up some potentially important correlations, and also highlights just how little control people can have over their mental health.
  3. personality psychology
    One Personality Characteristic Predicts Domestic NudityFor a new study, researchers correlated the so-called Big Five personality factors with all sorts of everyday behaviors.
  4. personality psychology
    Politicians Have Different Personalities Than the Rest of UsNot everyone is cut out for a life of hand-shaking with strangers, answering questions over and over, and boring budgetary meetings.
  5. personality psychology
    Can You Predict Your Scores on an Important Personality Test?The Big Five framework has been embraced by many personality psychologists as an important way to measure human personality.
  6. narcissism
    The Connection Between Parenting and NarcissismA new review of the available evidence suggests that, well, it’s complicated.
  7. 2016 presidential campaign
    Why Is Donald Trump So Much More Thin-skinned Than Hillary Clinton?The answer touches on an interesting debate within personality psychology.
  8. Why Impulsive Couples Tend to Be HappyA new study suggests that couples with similar levels of the characteristic are better off.
  9. personality psychology
    You Might Be an Ambivert, an Introvert-Extrovert HybridThis whole introvert-extrovert thing may be excluding a lot of people.
  10. personality psychology
    Are You a Head Person or a Heart Person?It matters.
  11. weight loss
    Your Personality Could Be Making You FatThere’s an underrated “know thyself” element to losing weight, according to a new study.
  12. narcissism
    How Children Become Narcissists“You are so. Very. Special.”
  13. work
    Your Résumé Isn’t Saying What You Think It’s Saying About YouIt isn’t a very accurate way to gauge someone’s true personality.
  14. personality psychology
    Understanding the Two Types of ExtroversionDo you have high levels of agentic extroversion, affiliative extroversion, or neither?
  15. facebook
    Facebook ‘Likes’ Can Predict Users’ Personalities. Should We Be Worried?Sussing personality out from an endless ocean of “likes.”
  16. serial
    A Psychological Explanation for Why ‘Serial’ Drives Some People CrazyIt all goes back to your level of “need for closure.”