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  1. The Brains of Neurotic People Literally Look DifferentA new study found a link between your personality and the wrinkles in your brain.
  2. If You Have a Twisted Sense of Humor, It’s Probably Because You’re a Cool GeniusA new study found that an appreciation for dark jokes is linked to higher IQ and lower aggression.
  3. You (and Your Therapist) Can Change Your PersonalityA big new study promises you are (probably) not stuck with yourself.
  4. How Donald Trump Uses Impulsiveness As a WeaponAnd why we confuse a lack of impulse control with authenticity.
  5. personality psychology
    Can You Predict Your Scores on an Important Personality Test?The Big Five framework has been embraced by many personality psychologists as an important way to measure human personality.
  6. Pigs Become Optimists or Pessimists for the Same Reasons Humans DoIs the trough half-empty or half-full?
  7. personality
    How to (Kind of) Master Your NeuroticismOr: How to adapt to your own personality.
  8. Just How Dark Are the Candidates’ Personalities?Dishonesty, Machiavellianism, and narcissism.
  9. ‘Introvert or Extrovert’ Is the Wrong Way to Define Your IdentityThere’s so much more to personality.
  10. narcissism
    The Connection Between Parenting and NarcissismA new review of the available evidence suggests that, well, it’s complicated.
  11. The Science of Dreams
    All My Dreams are Boring. Does That Make Me a Boring Person?My dream self spends way too much time in the grocery store.
  12. distractions
    Neurotic People Are More Easily Distracted at WorkWorrying about stuff takes up a lot of your attention.
  13. personality
    The World Looks Different When You’re Speaking a Second LanguageA new memoir lends a fresh perspective to one of the great mysteries of modern linguistics.
  14. Extroverts Long for Alone Time, TooBecause you can’t get any rest with humans around.
  15. The Personality Trait That Leads to Having Friends That Don’t Look Like YouIt helps to be open.
  16. The Most Important Personality Traits for CEOsIt comes down to projects.
  17. Your Personality Starts Showing Up During InfancyTemperament starts early.
  18. It Seems the Cigarette Industry Helped Create the Type A PersonalityA strange origin story for an enduring self-concept.
  19. The Personality Traits That Make for Better FriendsEmotional instability is not what you’re looking for.
  20. Altruistic People Have More SexA little kindness goes a long way (in bed).
  21. introversion
    Introvert Hangovers Can Be Really RoughApparently, some people get physically ill from talking to others too much.
  22. So Maybe There’s Some Truth to That Whole Nerds-Versus-Jocks ThingResults of a new study that sound like they’re straight from a teen movie.
  23. So, You Probably Have 3 SelvesAnd none of them are a personality “type.”
  24. Why Declaring ‘I’m an Introvert!’ Limits Your LifeThere’s just so much more to personality, says a top personality psychologist.
  25. If You Hate Spoilers, It May Be Because You’re Soooo SmartA new study offers up a pretty solid humblebrag.
  26. People Who Love to Help Strangers Share the Same Endearing Personality TraitNice.
  27. ‘Contemptuous’ Personalities Are a Thing, It Turns OutEver meet somebody who needs to belittle everyone around them?
  28. Even Extroverts Find It Draining to Be Around Other Humans for Too LongToo much of a good thing.
  29. If You’re Conscious of Your Body Language, You Might Be an Anxious PersonThe link between gesture and personality.
  30. Turns Out Sharks Have Personalities, TooSome are brave, some are wimpy.
  31. Rejoice, Nature-Haters — Cities Can Be Soothing, TooNeurotic people may find bustling urban environments less stressful than tranquil places.
  32. The Not-So-Secret Secret to Happiness: Be Kinder to Yourself, Okay?The science of self-compassion.
  33. Here’s a Test for Introversion You Can Do When You’re Home, Being IntrovertedGrab yourself a lemon and a cotton swab and let’s do some somewhat questionable science.
  34. Is There Really Such Thing As a Cat Person?The link between pet preference and personality isn’t as clear-cut as people like to think.
  35. anger
    Understand the Difference Between Regular You and Angry YouDon’t let angry you make a mess regular you is going to have to clean up.
  36. personality
    The Scientist Who Believes Your Personality Predicts Your Taste in MusicHmmm.
  37. creativity
    3 Insights From a New Book About CreativityThey mostly boil down to this: It’s about the process, not the results.  
  38. interactive
    Are You a ‘Defensive Pessimist’?For some people, telling them to “look on the bright side” isn’t a great idea.
  39. personality
    Hillary Clinton Is an ‘Intro-Extrovert,’ and Maybe You Are, TooIf you’ve never felt like you’re fully an extrovert or an introvert, that’s likely because most people are a little bit of both.
  40. New Research on Getting Caught in the ‘Impostor Cycle’Feeling like a fraud at work makes you behave like one; it also messes with researchers’ attempt to quantify the phenomenon.
  41. sad trombone
    Bad News: You Can’t Blame Your Sisters for All Your Defects Those birth-order stereotypes might not be true.
  42. personality
    Extroverts Are Plenty Good at Thoughtful Stuff, TooBrainy problem-solving isn’t entirely the domain of the introvert.
  43. personality
    Is It Possible to Be a Perfectionist Without Driving Yourself Nuts?The pursuit of perfection doesn’t have to end in self-loathing when you miss the mark.
  44. narcissism
    Here Is a Really Easy Way to Identify a NarcissistIt’s just one question. 
  45. personality
    Where’s the ‘Real’ You — in Your Head or Your Heart?Your answer matters more than you might expect. 
  46. personality
    Are You an Introvert — Or Are You Maybe an Undercover Narcissist?A trait some psychologists call “covert narcissism” sounds an awful lot like the popular definition of introversion.
  47. personality
    Your Friends Are More Extroverted Than You AreAnother dimension of the friendship paradox. 
  48. How Not to Spot a NarcissistNew research on a commonly held (but, apparently, wrong!) belief about the personality trait. 
  49. work life
    The Cost of Faking Your Personality at WorkResearch on the limits of acting against your true nature.
  50. personality
    The Health Perks of Being a NarcissistThe trait is linked with few physical or mental illnesses.
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