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  1. A New Study Explains How Lying to Yourself Makes You More Persuasive“If we can get ourselves to believe something first, we’ll be more effective at getting others to believe it.”
  2. The Magic Word That Makes You Seem Extra PersuasiveIt’s not please.
  3. civil rights
    It Turns Out a Brief Conversation Really Can Change Minds on LGBT IssuesData falsification was only a temporary roadblock to an important finding that could fight bias against transgender people and other groups.
  4. adventures in classic psychology
    This Is Apparently the Best Way to Ask Someone for a Tiny FavorA classic study from the 1970s reveals a really easy trick to getting your way.
  5. political psychology
    How to Save Lives by Countering ISIS Propaganda“We wanted to say, ‘Let’s stop guessing. This is possible, and this is how it can be done.’”
  6. work life
    You’re More Persuasive Than You ThinkOn getting your way at work. 
  7. michael lacour
    Michael LaCour Probably Fabricated a Document About Research Integrity“It was an early warning sign of bigger issues.”
  8. studies
    How a Sticky Note Can Trick People Into Doing Your BiddingIt personalizes the request.