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  1. anti-fur
    PETA’s Back and After J.LoThe protesters are back at the tents. But lookie! New signs!
  2. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: PETA’s Got Nothing on Richie-Ricci-Ryder at DKNYLike us, Winona Ryder needs a Diet Coke to face the day.
  3. run through
    PETA Attacks Gwyneth Paltrow for New Tod’s AdsAlso, her friend and anti-fur vegetarian designer Stella McCartney is supposedly “furious” with her.
  4. run through
    Stella McCartney Bra Used in Fur Ad, Stella Goes ‘Ballistic’The PETA-friendly designer was, well, not pleased to see her bra used without permission, and she demanded that it be pulled.
  5. run through
    Anti-Fur People Harass Donna Karan. Again.Donna Karan’s Hamptons home is sporting new spray-painted decorations thanks to some anti-fur folk.
  6. loose threads
    PETA Targets the Governor’s Wife; Running Does Make You HighPETA targets Michelle Paterson, Melanie Griffith’s daughter signs with IMG, and it’s “national no makeup day” across the pond…
  7. cult of personality
    Lindsay Lohan, Fur Schizophrenic
  8. loose threads
    Paul McCartney Stars in PETA Campaign; Opening Ceremony Cannot Be Ignored• Veggie designer Stella McCartney’s dad, Paul, is the new face of PETA. [British Vogue]
  9. run through
    Jean Paul Gaultier Blows PETA a Big KissWhat kind of fur did Jean Paul Gaultier send down the runway in Paris yesterday? The Wall Street Journal’s Christina Binkley was there, and she can explain:
  10. loose threads
    Fur-Draped Aretha Franklin Is PETA’s Worst Dressed>• PETA’s worst-dressed list is out! Aretha Franklin tops it, followed by Marilyn Manson, Eva Longoria, and Lindsay Lohan. [TeamSugar]
  11. loose threads
    PETA Invades Donna Karan’s Apartment; More Black Models on the Runway• PETA says it managed to get an operative into Donna Karan’s home yesterday. The young woman tricked her way past Karan’s assistant by using a fashionable outfit and a tray of soy lattes. When Karan showed up, the infiltrator put on a DVD of animals being harvested for their pelts. [NYP] • Runway model vet Karen Elson fell down as she closed Zac Posen’s show, and Sean “Diddy” Combs and Caroline Trentini helped her up. [The Cut]
  12. loose threads
    Anna Wintour Wants Marchesa All to HerselfAnna Wintour demanded a private, pre-show viewing from Marchesa, making for a mannequin scramble — and hasty makeup jobs. Quelle horreur!
  13. loose threads
    PETA and Hoffman and Anna, Oh My!• It’s not really Fashion Week until PETA rolls out the sexy policewomen.