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Peter Brant Ii

  1. Brothers Brant
    Why a Judge Threatened Peter Brant II With Jail TimeBrant was sentenced to 25 days of community service after assaulting a Port Authority cop at JFK.
  2. let’s makeup
    Harry and Peter Brant on Hotness, Highlighter, and Tolerance“Instead of ‘Let them eat cake,’ my slogan would be ‘Let them have highlighter.’”
  3. out of the mouths of lawyers
    Peter Brant II’s Lawyer Tells It Like It Is, Calls Brant an ‘Idiot’He threw a fit over a JetBlue flight.
  4. met gala 2013
    Here’s How the Brant Brothers Do ‘Punk’Billionaire heirs in torn-up tees.
  5. Stephanie Seymour Is Fashion’s CheerleaderShe wore a dress covered in fur pom-poms.
  6. fun people
    The Fifteen Best Celebrity Partiers of 2012May we all be so lively in 2013.
  7. tru wuv
    The 50 Best Couples in Fashion’s HistoryMarc and Sofia, Karl and Choupette, Mary-Kate and Ashley — plus 47 other symbiotic unions worth celebrating.
  8. brothers brant
    Brants Aren’t Happy With Peter II [Updated]They “are deeply troubled.”
  9. brothers brant
    Peter Brant II Doesn’t Actually Plan to ‘Kill Obama Hahaha’“I don’t Intend anything negative or harm to our President.”
  10. brothers brant
    Peter Brant II’s ‘Contingency Plan’: ‘Kill Obama Hahaha’Um … ha?
  11. so i creep yeah
    Harry Brant ‘DYING for Hill DOG to Run in 2016!’Peter, on the other hand, is still reveling in being a one percent-er.
  12. hot shot
    What Were Peter Brant II and Nick Gruber Singing at Karaoke Last Night?The most important post we’ll ever write.
  13. what happens at fashion week
    Peter Brant II Reportedly Caught Kissing a ‘Cute Brunette’After Fashion’s Night Out!
  14. brantastic!
    Peter Brant II: ‘Clearly’ Suri Cruise Is ‘Just an Awesome Person’“She’s one of my idols.”
  15. kids these days
    Blasberg Has Never Seen Brant Brothers Drunk“I’ve been out when Stephanie has dropped them off and Petey’s father has picked them up.”