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  1. the kim wall case
    Kim Wall’s Killer Briefly Escaped from PrisonPeter Madsen took a staff member hostage and fled a Danish prison.
  2. crime
    Kim Wall’s Murder Case Will Be Made Into a TV SeriesThe Investigation comes from one of the writers of the popular Danish show Borgen.
  3. crime
    Inventor Found Guilty of Murdering Journalist Kim Wall Won’t Appeal ConvictionHe is, however, asking for a lighter sentence.
  4. crime
    Danish Inventor Found Guilty for Murder of Journalist Kim WallHe received a life sentence.
  5. crime
    5 Crucial Things to Know About the Kim Wall Murder TrialThe verdict is expected in the coming days.
  6. crime
    A Witness Just Shut Down the Defendant’s Explanation in the Kim Wall Murder CasePeter Madsen is claiming that the journalist died from inhaling toxic exhaust fumes, but the evidence says otherwise.
  7. crime
    Trial Starts for Man Accused of Murdering Journalist Kim WallHere’s what inventor Peter Madsen said on the stand.
  8. crime
    Inventor Accused of Killing Journalist Texted About Submarine ‘Murder Plan’And other revelations from the latest story about Kim Wall and Peter Madsen.
  9. crime
    Inventor Charged With Murder of Journalist Kim WallHe’s long been suspected of killing her, as she was last seen boarding his submarine for a story.
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    Danish Inventor Admits to Dismembering JournalistWall’s body was found in the Copenhagen Harbor in August.
  11. crime
    Multiple Stab Wounds Found on Dead Journalist Kim WallProsecutors revealed this development during a court hearing for the murder suspect, Danish inventor Peter Madsen.
  12. crime
    Body of Missing Journalist Kim Wall Has Been FoundDanish inventor Peter Madsen is being investigated in her death.
  13. true crime
    Missing Journalist Kim Wall Reportedly Died in ‘Accident’ on SubmarineDanish inventor Peter Madsen now says he buried Kim Wall at sea.
  14. true crime
    Missing Journalist Kim Wall Is Presumed DeadCopenhagen police say they are now searching for a body.
  15. true crime
    What You Need to Know About the Mysterious Case of Missing Journalist Kim WallWall vanished from Danish inventor Peter Madsen’s submarine while she was working on a story about him. He’s since been charged with manslaughter.