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Petra Collins

  1. you know what i heard
    Why Did Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Break Up?And more pressing questions in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  2. Two Generations of Women Travel Around the Amalfi CoastPhotographer Carlotta Kohl documented her trip with her mom and best friend Petra Collins.
  3. campaign trail
    Petra Collins Threw a Disco Party With BulgariShe made new short film to celebrate the brand’s reopened flagship.
  4. gallery
    Petra Collins Captures Her Family in This New ExhibitionFrom Toronto to her mother’s hometown in Hungary.
  5. hairy situations
    25 Famous Women on Waxing and ShavingHow Rihanna, Emma Watson, Eva Longoria, and more deal with body hair.
  6. Petra Collins Shot Kim Kardashian Looking Madonna-esque for Wonderland MagazineWe’re amazed this collaboration took this long.
  7. party pics
    Kanye and Tilda Swinton Partied TogetherPlus: Naomi Campbell, Marc Jacobs, Elle Fanning, and more, in this week’s party roundup.
  8. party pics
    Solange and Drake Partied Hard This Week Along with DVF, Christy Turlington, Jennifer Hudson, and more, in this week’s party roundup.
  9. Agyness Deyn’s Androgynous New Clothing LineThe model debuts Title A.
  10. See: ‘Discharge,’ Petra Collins’s First Solo ExhibitionTalking to the 21-year-old photographer about puberty, pubic hair, and Rihanna.
  11. pubes
    Instagram Censors Artistic BushGuess pubic hair is a feminist issue after all.