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  1. pets
    How to Speak CatWatch the latest Science of Us animated video, this one all about kitty communication. 
  2. pets
    I Spent Thousands to Keep My Sick Cat Alive. I Don’t Think I’d Do It Again.Advances in veterinary medicine make it harder to know when to say good-bye.
  3. misplaced celebratory gestures
    Men Spend an Average of $7 on Their Pets’ Valentine’s GiftsWho are you whimsical weirdos? 
  4. pets
    It’s Okay to Be an Overbearing Pet ParentSays the author of a study on pet-owner personality types. 
  5. autism
    How Pets Help Kids With AutismPets spark conversation, and conversation is good.
  6. brain-dead fortnight
    33 Celebrity Pets With Big PersonalitiesChickens, goats, cats, celebrities, etc.
  7. consumer research
    Americans Spend Obscene Sums on Halloween Costumes for PetsHundreds of millions
  8. puppies!!!!!!
    Dogs Can Get Jealous, Suggests Adorable StudyIt’s ruff being a canine.
  9. priorities
    Study: One Out of Ten Women Prefers Pets to PartnersGoing to the dogs. 
  10. baby animals
    Justin Bieber’s Monkey Is So Over HimConfiscated pet spotted canoodling another.
  11. fat cats
    Weight-Loss Lessons From My Parents’ CatChester was once so fat he couldn’t fit through the door. Now he’s a paragon of health.
  12. pets
    Jessica White Parted Ways With Her Six-Foot-Long PythonHis name is/was Jessie.