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  1. Apparently Dogs Can Tell Time With Their NosesEach day wears a new smell, and its hours mark changes in odors that only your dog is noticing.
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    Pit Bulls Turn Out to Be Unexpectedly ChillChihuahuas, on the other hand, are tiny tough guys.
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    This Cat Rolling Around in Glitter Is the Best YouTube Makeup TutorialLook, it’s the exact pet you wanted when you were 8.
  4. Feeder Puzzles Let Cats Perform Their Birthright As HuntersKitty CrossFit.
  5. These Noble Scientists Want to Help Dogs Live LongerPlease give them any and all funding they require.
  6. Scientists Want You to Mail Them Your Dog’s SpitThey’re hoping dog DNA will help them understand some human diseases.
  7. Your Dog Wants Praise Even More Than It Wants a SnackWho’s a good boy?
  8. You and Your Dog Share a Language: The Feelings Written on Your FacesScientists are trying to systematically decode canine facial expressions.
  9. We’ve Run Out of Time to Save the BulldogsWe’ve bred them into terrible health over the years, and now it may be too late to undo our mistake.
  10. Consider a Pet Llama or Wallaby, Scientists SuggestLooking beyond cats and dogs for a more exotic animal pal.
  11. Are Pets As Happy As Their Owners Think They Are?A new book explores the “ambiguous ethics” of pet-keeping.
  12. Fill Your House With Microbes and Live With an Animal, Say Yale ResearchersBacteria are good for you. At least some of them.
  13. Cats Are Living Longer, So Now Vets Have to Figure Out Cat GeriatricsOlder, wiser, still grumpy.
  14. It Seems That Cats Are Very Into NutritionNothing tastes as good as a balanced diet feels.
  15. You Can Train Your Cat to Do Your BiddingDogs aren’t the only ones who can learn.
  16. Your Dog Has an IQWhat new research on canine smarts may one day reveal about human intelligence.
  17. Demi Lovato Returned Her New Cat After One DayShe was allergic.
  18. What Does a Dog See in a Mirror?What a classic experiment can — and can’t — tell us about a creature’s sense of self.
  19. This Is Why So Many Labrador Retrievers Are So Very FatGenes found in obese Labs may help scientists better understand how to help some obese humans.
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    My Boyfriend Isn’t My Best Friend — My Cat IsAs my relationship status has changed, my cat’s life has too.
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    These Linguists Want to Help You Speak Fluent CatA new project is trying to crack the code of what different meows mean.
  22. Your Dog Hates HugsThis is terrible news.
  23. Is There Really Such Thing As a Cat Person?The link between pet preference and personality isn’t as clear-cut as people like to think.
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    Why Your Pet Should Be Invited to Your WeddingMy bridesmaid, the red hen.
  25. These Are the Top Words People Say to Their DogsYou. Good. Gonna. Yay!
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    Cats Might Be the Reason Some People Are So TerribleIn a new study, a third of people with a tendency toward angry outbursts also had a cat parasite infection.
  27. Paying $100,000 to Clone Your Dog Won’t Give You Your Dog BackThe behaviors, and even looks, may be very different from the dog you knew.
  28. What Makes One Animal a Pet and Another a Pest?An animal behaviorist on the surprisingly blurry line that separates the two.
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    Please Pay No Mind to This Anti-Cat PropagandaThe claim: Dogs love their humans more.
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    Hey, Ryan Adams, Mandy Moore Wants Pet Support Don’t be a deadbeat cat-dad.
  31. 33 Gift Ideas for Hobbyists and Pet Owners Cat-yoga mats and kayak-canoes for everyone.
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    This Narcolepsy Researcher Has a Narcoleptic DogActually, it’s his second narcoleptic dog.
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    This New Study Says Pet Dogs Are QuittersDogs — always looking to humans to solve their problems. 
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    Some Animals Can Suffer From Mental Illness, TooScientists are starting to investigate this at a genetic level. 
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    She Had a Cat Hair Ball in Her Vagina — or Did She?We caught up with the xoJane essayist. “Now I wish I’d taken a picture of it,” she said.
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    How to Speak CatWatch the latest Science of Us animated video, this one all about kitty communication. 
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    I Spent Thousands to Keep My Sick Cat Alive. I Don’t Think I’d Do It Again.Advances in veterinary medicine make it harder to know when to say good-bye.
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    Men Spend an Average of $7 on Their Pets’ Valentine’s GiftsWho are you whimsical weirdos? 
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    It’s Okay to Be an Overbearing Pet ParentSays the author of a study on pet-owner personality types. 
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    How Pets Help Kids With AutismPets spark conversation, and conversation is good.
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    33 Celebrity Pets With Big PersonalitiesChickens, goats, cats, celebrities, etc.
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    Americans Spend Obscene Sums on Halloween Costumes for PetsHundreds of millions
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    Dogs Can Get Jealous, Suggests Adorable StudyIt’s ruff being a canine.
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    Study: One Out of Ten Women Prefers Pets to PartnersGoing to the dogs. 
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    Justin Bieber’s Monkey Is So Over HimConfiscated pet spotted canoodling another.
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    Weight-Loss Lessons From My Parents’ CatChester was once so fat he couldn’t fit through the door. Now he’s a paragon of health.
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    Jessica White Parted Ways With Her Six-Foot-Long PythonHis name is/was Jessie.