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  1. music
    Shakira’s Breakup Song Goes Incredibly HardGerard Piqué responded with publicity stunts.
  2. petty
    May We All Strive to Be As Petty As Lana Del ReyShe claims she only made one billboard for her new album — in her ex’s hometown.
  3. spicy!
    The White House Twitter Account Has the ReceiptsAnd it’s not going to take Marjorie Taylor Greene’s anti-loan-forgiveness tirade lying down.
  4. ex drama
    Another Petty Ex Has Entered the ChatLooks like Scott Disick isn’t very happy about Kourtney and Travis.
  5. petty
    Vengeful Trump Once Reportedly Poured Wine Down a Reporter’s SuitConflict resolution, from the leader of the free world.
  6. look what you made me do
    Raise Your Hand If You’re Scared of Taylor SwiftRaises hand.
  7. petty
    Ivanka Trump’s Neighbor Watched People Protest Her While Sipping WineDianne Bruce is the ultimate petty neighbor.