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Phantom Thread

  1. film criticism
    Jennifer Lawrence Couldn’t Make It Through Phantom Thread“I’ve been down that road, I know what that’s like. I don’t need to watch that movie.”
  2. annals of psychology
    Has There Ever Been a Real-life Case Like Phantom Thread?A leading expert in a rare psychological disorder explains what might be going on in Alma’s head.
  3. couples therapy
    A Relationship Expert Psychoanalyzes Phantom Thread’s Twisted RomanceAn expert answers all our burning questions about Reynolds and Alma’s unusual courtship.
  4. phantom thread
    Daniel Day-Lewis Is the Ideal Shopping BuddyAccording to Phantom Thread costume designer Mark Bridges.
  5. cliches
    Phantom Thread Has Finally Killed the Word ‘Chic’Here’s why it’s a “filthy little word.”
  6. not all heroes wear capes
    Phantom Thread Makes a Good Case for Staying SingleShe’s her own best company.