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Pharrell’s Hat

  1. year in review
    Fashion in 2014, From the Sublime to the RidiculousNormcore, Pharrell’s hat, and one particularly oily butt.
  2. pharrell’s hat
    Pharrell’s Grammy Hat Continues Reign of TerrorKill it with fire.
  3. nostalgia
    The Man Who’s Partly Responsible for the Pharrell HatA new exhibition in Copenhagen celebrates Malcolm McLaren’s fashion legacy.
  4. rankings
    Pharrell and His Hat Save the Vanity Fair Best-Dressed ListControversy.
  5. transformations
    Pharrell’s Weird Style Gets Weirder Every YearFrom Ice Creams to #PharrellHat, and so much in between. 
  6. pharrell’s hat
    Arby’s Bought Pharrell’s Grammys Hat for $44,100The price of buying into a meme. 
  7. pharrell’s hat
    Pharrell in Long-Term Relationship With the Hat?He’s committed.
  8. hot shot
    It’s Usher in a Distinctive Fur CapAccompanied by a loud print.
  9. pharrell’s hat
    Pharrell’s Grammy Hat Is Now for Sale on EBayWhy spend $180 when you can spend $10,500?
  10. people who doth protest too much
    Pharrell Williams Says He’s Not a Vampire, So Stop Looking Into That The Pharrell doth protest too much. 
  11. scene stealers
    Watch: Comedian Abbi Crutchfield Wears a Pharrell Hat to Fashion Week“He’s like a black Justin Bieber.”
  12. friends of the environment
    Pharrell Is Making Ocean Pants With G-Star RawFlotsam and jetsam denim.
  13. pharrell’s hat
    People Care About Pharrell More Thanks to HatHat now seeking representation.
  14. pharrell’s hat
    Will the Men of Los Angeles Soon Replace Their Beanies With Pharrell Hats?They’re coming soon to the Vivienne Westwood store.