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  1. scent memories
    The Australian Actress Who Smells Like SummerAlycia Debnam-Carey of Fear the Walking Dead shares her favorite scents.
  2. Why It Feels Like Years Since Trump’s InaugurationPsychology and philosophy explain why.
  3. education
    Teach Kids Philosophy, It Makes Them Better at MathNot what to think, but how to think.
  4. animal intelligence
    Octopuses Are ‘the Closest We Will Come to Meeting an Intelligent Alien’You don’t want to be speciesist about consciousness, do you?
  5. mindfulness
    A Psychiatrist on Why Your Mind ‘Has a Mind of Its Own’“You don’t have a programmer, or a conductor — it’s just built into the nature of a complex system to have self-organization.”
  6. gift guide 2016
    The Best Holiday Beauty-Gift Sets at SephoraOne for you, one for me — that’s how it works, right?
  7. If You’re Sick of Diet Culture, Read This Feminist WriterThe prescient feminist philosopher died last week, at age 81.
  8. 5 new things
    5 New Things You’ll Want From Sephora TodayA slightly orgasmic blush, the prettiest nude lipsticks, a whipped moisturizer, and more.
  9. vanities
    Inside a Beauty Editor’s Insane Skin-Care RoutineA minimum of 12 products.
  10. lab rat
    A Mask That Gives You Glowing Skin in 60 SecondsAll dirt, gone.
  11. lab rat
    Lab Rat: Your Beauty Products Are Pretty DirtyAn app that helps you detect which have the most harmful substances. 
  12. the hit list
    11 Noteworthy Things That Happened at Fashion WeekAn elevator incident, and ten other moments of fashion entrapment.
  13. eek
    Desperate Editors Clamber Out of Stuck Elevator at Fashion WeekEek.
  14. beauty marks
    Snooki Spray-Tans Unsuspecting New Yorkers; Ke$ha Goes Out Without MakeupAnd Tom Ford’s new lipstick line comes out June 1.
  15. best bets
    Best Bet: Clean SlatePhilosophy’s new makeup remover has natural ingredients and is gentle on your eyes.
  16. three is a trend
    Welcome to the BeltwayLast season’s waist-cinching trend is back for spring. But instead of thin wisps, designers opted for obis.