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  1. brave
    Congrats to Jennifer Aniston on Overcoming Her Bread PhobiaThe actor says she is “in a really peaceful place” now that she no longer lives in fear of loaves.
  2. science of us
    I Tried a Phobia Treatment That Erased My MemoriesWhat if I could get over my lifelong fear of snakes by just … forgetting about it?
  3. science of us
    The Quest to Cure Myself of My Longtime Elevator PhobiaWith the help of a building inspector, a hypnotist, and a lot of statistics.
  4. science of us
    When Being in Crowded Places Feels Scarier Than EverIt’s been a year.
  5. Investigating My Lifelong Phobia of Cotton BallsIt’s called sidonglobophobia, and it’s a lot more emotionally fraught than it sounds.
  6. Why Audience Participation Is So TerrifyingWhat’s scarier than public speaking? Public speaking with no time to prepare.
  7. the science of dreams
    If Your Uncontrollable Life Is Making You Anxious, Try Controlling Your DreamsSome scientists believe that lucid dreaming may be useful as a therapeutic tool.
  8. atypical
    What It’s Like to Cope With Your Agoraphobia by Buying a Motor HomeThat’s one way to do it.
  9. Many Nervous Fliers Are Afraid of Being AfraidA lot of things are way scarier in your head than they are in real life.
  10. ayo technology
    Sex With Robots: Something New to Worry AboutEmbrace the future?
  11. the brain
    Partial Lobotomy Cures Man’s ArachnophobiaNow he kind of likes the little guys.
  12. phobias
    The 5 Things Americans Fear the MostEbola isn’t one of them.
  13. what it’s like
    What It’s Like to Be Cripplingly Afraid of VomitingIt involves day after day of obsessively monitoring your body for signs of illness that aren’t really there.
  14. It’s Not a Great Week to Be Afraid of FlyingTalking to a pilot turned therapist who helps people get over their fear. 
  15. Needle-Phobes, Medical Science Is On the CaseResearchers are developing more needle-free vaccines. But for now, here’s how to cope.   
  16. 3 Interesting Facts About the Psychology of Air TravelThere’s a downside to seat upgrades.
  17. How to Get Over Stage FrightAnd two more mind tricks to get over your fear of public speaking. 
  18. phobias
    Gayle King Has an Inexplicable Aversion to Buttons“Watch what I wear — I very, very seldom wear anything with buttons.”
  19. problem areas
    10 Warm-Weather Solutions for Your Foot PhobiasSkimpy sandals aren’t the answer when you hate your toes or heels.
  20. ask google
    How Do I Defeat My Crippling Fear of Peekaboo?Advice for the fearful.