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  1. sheeple
    We Can Stop Worrying About Horns Growing Out of Our SkullsOne of the co-authors reportedly left some important details out of the research paper.
  2. the cut opinion pages
    Break Your PhoneIt’s the only way to be acceptably disconnected.
  3. easy espionage
    Um, Trump’s Cell Phone Was Apparently ‘Left Behind’ in a Golf Cart Last YearJust one of the many incredibly worrying ways he’s reportedly compromising national security by refusing to give up his personal phones!
  4. am i dying
    Is Staring at My Phone Before Bed Making Me Go Blind?On that dreaded blue light.
  5. leaders of the free world
    White House Couldn’t Figure Out How to Mute a Conference Call for 22 MinutesOfficials struggled to enable the “listening-only” function during a press call about Iran.
  6. Some People See Their Phones As Extensions of ThemselvesYour attachment to your smartphone may be more complicated than it seems.
  7. Some People See Their Phones As Extensions of ThemselvesYour attachment to your smartphone may be more complicated than it seems.
  8. A Colorado Dad Wants to Make It Illegal to Sell Smartphones to PreteensThe initiative would make Colorado the first state to regulate smartphone sales to kids.
  9. hot shot
    Drew Barrymore Is Every Woman Doing Her Makeup During Her CommuteShe applied makeup by looking at her reflection in the hazy subway wall.
  10. How Cell Phones Are Changing the Therapist-Patient RelationshipA psychiatrist’s thoughts on bringing smartphones into a session.
  11. A Unified Theory of Why Men Send Dick PicsThey evolved to do it. Kind of.
  12. Psychologists Explain Your Phone Anxiety (and How to Get Over It)If the thought of calling someone makes you feel all squirmy inside, you’re in good company.
  13. Even My Tiny Female Hands Can Grasp How Dumb This Smartphone for Women IsPlease accept my apologies for any typos caused by my incapable female hands.
  14. remember the early 2000s?
    What Will Kim Kardashian Do Now That the Blackberry Is Officially Dead?Gone but not forgotten.
  15. attention grabbing
    Colleges Bribe Students to Put Their Phones AwayUsing free food, of course. 
  16. game of phones
    Americans Are Suggestible, Brand-Oriented Sheep About PhonesAn Apple for this flock, please. 
  17. courtship
    North Korean Couples Propose With Mobile Phones May I have your ear in marriage?
  18. emoji expression
    Life Won’t Be Complete Until We Get These Emojis33 ideas for emojis we’d use regularly.
  19. checking in
    Youths Check Their Phones Every 10 MinutesEver reliable, those youths.
  20. very minor traumas
    The Unique Terror of Hearing Your Phone Alarm As Someone Else’s RingtoneDiagnosing PASD, Phone Alarm Stress Disorder.