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Photo Retouching

  1. heroes
    Kate Winslet’s Contract States L’Oréal Can’t Retouch Her Photos“We’re all responsible for raising strong young women, so these are things that are important to me.”
  2. you go helen mirren
    Helen Mirren Woke Up Like ThisThe U.K’s Advertising Standards Authority ruled that her L’Oréal Paris ads were not overly retouched. 
  3. princesses!!!
    Today in Shocking: Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Engagement Photos Were RETOUCHEDPrince William’s office attempts to justify the tinkering.
  4. photoshopped
    In Defense of Photoshop: Why Retouching Isn’t As Evil As Everyone ThinksArtificial as these images are, they’re actually not artificial enough.
  5. the power of retouching
    See Jennifer Aniston in Apparently Unretouched PhotosLadies and gentleman, she has wrinkles.
  6. photoshopped
    Is That a Banana in Your Pocket, Banana Republic?A BR model is very excited about his herringbone suit pants.
  7. photoshopped
    Another Photoshop Whoopsie for Ann TaylorThe company mistakenly revealed its overzealous Photoshopping process.
  8. body issues
    Minister in the U.K. Pushes to Ban Photoshopping and Underweight Models“Christina Hendricks is absolutely fabulous. We need more of those role models.”
  9. body issues
    Crystal Renn Says She Was Photoshopped Thinner in Her Fashion for Passion T-Shirt ShootThe photographer says he “shaped her” and “did nothing that I wouldn’t do to anyone.”
  10. photoshopped
    Tavi Doesn’t Believe That Nordstrom Didn’t Photoshop Model Tao Okamoto ThinnerShe might just be that thin.
  11. photoshopped
    Ann Taylor Apologizes for Startling Photoshop Job“We want to support and celebrate the natural beauty of women, and we apologize if in the process of retouching that was lost.”
  12. photoshopped
    Ann Taylor’s Models Have Ridiculous Proportions, Unrealistically Smooth ClothesLooks like the retoucher could have used some restraint.
  13. body issues
    Magazine Editors Hate Photoshopping Thin Models Bigger, But Do It AnywayIt’s easier than rebooking the entire shoot.
  14. obviousness
    Guess What! Sarah Jessica Parker’s Marie Claire Cover Was Photoshopped!Her hands don’t really look like that, sillies!
  15. flyin’ first class livin’ my life
    Fergie Would Love ‘a Big Roll of Flab Coming Out Somewhere That Doesn’t Look Flattering’ to Be Digitally ReducedThe singer doesn’t mind a little digital nip and tuck.
  16. naked face!
    Jessica Simpson Appears Unretouched With No Makeup on the Cover of May’s Marie ClaireNot that she really needed it anyway.
  17. tear sheets
    French Marie Claire’s April Issue Contains No RetouchingThe photos certainly don’t look like they need it.
  18. The Ads for Kimora Lee Simmons’s Cheap New Fragrance May Surprise YouOr not, depending on how well you think you know Kimora.
  19. boobs or lose
    GQ Denies Enhancing January Jones’s Breasts on the November CoverThe photo editor says they don’t retouch cleavage, only dark under-eye circles.
  20. body issues
    Glossy Magazines in France Oppose Proposed Photoshop RegulationsThey don’t want to have to tell people when they’ve retouched a photo.
  21. cover girls
    How Badly Was Halle Berry Photoshopped for the New Harper’s Bazaar Cover?Work has obviously been done, but we’ve seen much worse.
  22. if u seek britney
    Britney’s New Candie’s Ads Are Out and (Gasp) PhotoshoppedThe ‘Daily Mail’ scolds Britney for supposedly needing the retouching.
  23. photoshopped
    Photo Retouchers Still Making Fake People, Still Acknowledging This Is a ProblemSee these wizards demonstrate and lament their powers on video.
  24. in vogue
    We Are Not Surprised Vogue Photoshopped Sienna Miller’s Head onto a Different BodyMagazines do this all the time.
  25. cover girls
    Video: Fox News Wants Sarah Palin to Be Photoshopped Like a SupermodelThey’re upset she’s not Photoshopped enough, when actually she’s Photoshopped quite a bit.
  26. beauty marks
    L’Oréal Denies Lightening Beyoncé’s Skin for New AdsIt looks like a heavy-handed Photoshopper put some good work into the pictures, but L’Oréal says they haven’t been “altered.”
  27. first looks
    ‘Elle’ Robs Jessica Simpson of Her Hips for September’s CoverAlso troubling: Her face doesn’t look like her face, and her outfit is more lumberjack than glam.
  28. loose threads
    Mango Heads to Iraq; One Gap Ad’s Tragic Photoshop ErrorAlso, Steve & Barry’s could file Chapter 11 today, Donna Karan heads back to the tents, and Heidi Klum denounces plastic surgery.
  29. loose threads
    Matthew Williamson Comes to NYC; Kate Moss and Jamie Hince on the Outs?Also, Steve & Barry’s closures are imminent, and Eva Mendes makes a suprisingly bold statement about the couture collections.
  30. loose threads
    Dove: ‘Real Beauty’ IS Real; Iman: Italian ‘Vogue’ Cover Girl?The photo retoucher who told ‘The New Yorker’ he extensively altered the Dove images said his quote was taken out of context, Iman’s the rumored cover girl of the all-black Italian ‘Vogue,’ and is L.C. getting bad?
  31. fashion album
    Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ Campaign Isn’t Real!A top professional photo retoucher told ‘The New Yorker’ he did extensive work on the ads, which are supposed to depict real women au naturel.