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  1. aubrey o’day
    This Is an Amazing Response to Photoshopping AccusationsAubrey O’Day clapped back at criticism that she edited herself into vacation photos in Bali.
  2. culture
    Another Vogue Photoshop Victim Comes ForwardCheryl Strayed said she didn’t recognize herself in the magazine’s photographs.
  3. kim kardashian
    An In-depth Investigation Into Kim Kardashian West’s Phantom Extra ToeHow many toes does Kim have and what is reality?
  4. photoshop woes
    It Looks Like Trump Has Been Posting Photoshopped Pictures of His HandsHis fingers appear longer than they actually are in several images posted to his official Facebook page.
  5. unedited
    What Happened When Jameela Jamil Asked Not to Be Photoshopped for Cover ShootShe shared the unedited photos on social media.
  6. baby steps
    CVS Joins the Fight Against PhotoshopThey see it as a health issue.
  7. hope
    French Ads Now Have to Tell You If a Model Is PhotoshoppedThe legislation went into effect on Sunday.
  8. i don’t know her
    Kerry Washington Politely Asks for Her Face BackWill magazines oblige?
  9. bringing sexy back?
    Emilia Clarke Says Her Hotness Is Thanks to Photoshopping and VodkaSame. 
  10. hairy situations
    Zendaya on How to Love Yourself and Your HairTalking to America’s wisest teen, who says she’s “19 going on 90.” 
  11. they’ve created a monster
    These Pictures of the Ideal Male Body Prove Photoshop Is HardBut not as hard as living under patriarchy!
  12. body diversity
    Teen Lingerie Brand Celebrated for Featuring Non-Skinny TeenNineteen-year-old Barbie Ferreira is Aerie’s newest model.
  13. Real Talk About Post-Baby Bodies, Courtesy of Olivia WildeA belly like a “partially deflated pool toy.”
  14. explainer
    So, Was That Kim Kardashian Cover Photoshopped?French photographer Jean-Paul Goude has a history of “improving” backsides.
  15. photoshop
    Kim Kardashian Slams Tabloids for Sweater Color-SwapShe would never wear that teal shade. Anymore.
  16. photoshop
    Airbrushing ‘Bans’ Become Full-Blown Marketing PloyBrands loudly proclaim their anti-Photoshop initiatives.
  17. boobs or lose
    Keira Knightley Discusses Breast-Photoshopping, Loses Nipple Anyway“If you’re going to make me fantasy breasts, at least make perky breasts.”
  18. cover girls
    Oh Look: A Gorgeous, Non-Airbrushed Picture of Cate BlanchettLet’s all make a big deal out of it!
  19. photoshopped
    In Defense of Photoshop: Why Retouching Isn’t As Evil As Everyone ThinksArtificial as these images are, they’re actually not artificial enough.
  20. The Ads for Kimora Lee Simmons’s Cheap New Fragrance May Surprise YouOr not, depending on how well you think you know Kimora.
  21. body issues
    Britain Wants to Ban Airbrushed ImagesThere’s an uproar over Photoshopped images.