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  1. working on my fitness
    11 Affordable ClassPass AlternativesWhere to go after you to ditch ClassPass after the price hike.
  2. wellness theories
    Hilaria Baldwin on Dairy, Yoga, and Bringing Her Husband to Barre“In the past when I was young and a dancer, I was so afraid of carbs.”
  3. the gym is your living room
    From Figurerobics to Pilatesology: The 7 Best Online WorkoutsTremble-cise in the comfort of your own living room.
  4. workout gifs
    Workout GIFs: How to ‘Thigh Dance’Don’t worry, it’s not twerking.
  5. workout gifs
    Workout GIF: How to Get Inner Thighs Like Beyoncé’sA workout inspired by an Instagram picture.
  6. diet time
    Workout GIFs: What’s a Thut, and How Do You Get Rid of It? No tutting involved to get rid of thutting.
  7. workout gifs
    Workout GIFs: Easy At-Home Thigh MovesAll you need is a chair and an Instagram picture of Beyoncé’s thighs for inspiration.