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  1. flirting
    I’m Sorry But This Pig Is Obviously FlirtingNo, she’s not seeking “a moment of fame.”
  2. hogs
    Great, Wild Boars Are Besieging European Cities NowThe hog wars have begun.
  3. science
    Do We Need to Worry About Pig Zombies?Scientists have revived cells from the brains of dead pigs.
  4. animals
    More Yoga Pigs, PleaseJurassic Park actor Sam Neill has found the best possible use of Twitter (posting photos of his large pig “doing yoga”).
  5. pigfluencing
    I Wish I Were This Pig Surrounded by GucciOr Ariana Grande’s pig.
  6. nature is beautiful
    Everyone Loves Dorito Pig, the Pig Lured Home With DoritosDorito pig. Dorito pig. Dorito pig!
  7. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: When Two Talking-Pig Movies Were Released in One YearWithout Babe, Gordy is forgettable. With Babe, it’s an affront to farm-centric cinema.
  8. gratuitous animal video
    Tiny Pig Not Particularly Great at Yard WorkHe’s terrible, actually.
  9. culture
    Why Some Cultures Think Pork Is Gross and Others Think It’s DeliciousA tale of city-pigs and country-pigs.
  10. Miss Piggy, Extraordinary Puppet, to Receive Award for Feminism“Moi is thrilled.”
  11. crazy pig ladies
    Look, a Piglet Wearing PearlsAnd snuffling around a very nice handbag.
  12. crazy pig ladies
    Are Pigs the New Cats?Maybe cats were just fashion’s gateway animal.