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Pip Pip Hooray

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    Pippa Middleton Gets Her Own TV Special on TLCWe’re all ears — and eyes, too.
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    Pippa Middleton’s Green Dress Is for Pippa Middleton OnlyDesigner Alice Temperley won’t make it for the masses, despite the considerable profit potential.
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    Let’s Not Forget About Pippa Middleton!Okay, we weren’t going to. But still.
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    Turns Out Pippa Middleton Also Modeled in a Student Fashion Show in Her University DaysOf course she did.
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    Pippa Middleton Does Not Have the ‘Rear of the Year’British television host Carol Vorderman does.
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    Pippa Middleton Wore PANTYHOSEThe sheer, nude kind!
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    Will Knockoffs of Pippa Middleton’s Bridesmaid’s Dress Outsell Knockoffs of Kate’s Wedding Dress?To dressmakers, knocking off Pippa’s dress is just as important as knocking off Kate’s.
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    Let’s Talk About PippaShe looked hot! But TOO hot?