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  1. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Middleton’s Ski-Trip Diary Isn’t As Insufferable As It SoundsAlso, she challenged London’s mayor to a game of Ping-Pong, and he accepted.
  2. princesses!!!
    Further Proof Kate Middleton Pays for Her Own ClothesIn case all those Topshop runs didn’t convince you.
  3. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Middleton, Soon in Your Checkout AisleIf you shop at Waitrose.
  4. pip pip hooray
    Daily Mail Captivated by Pippa Middleton’s Poor BoyfriendAs in, the paper really thinks he’s poor.
  5. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Middleton Has a New New BoyfriendHis name is Nico Jackson and he does not “have an impeccable pedigree.”
  6. princesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Reacts to Her Royal PortraitAlso, Will took her family to the circus on her birthday.
  7. pregnant princesses!!
    The Middletons Sell Royal Baby-Themed Paper PlatesThe Daily Mail strongly disapproves.
  8. fun people
    The Fifteen Best Celebrity Partiers of 2012May we all be so lively in 2013.
  9. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Hilariously Revises Book-Selling Strategy“I have been much teased for my book, Celebrate.”
  10. duchessess!!!
    Do Not Overlook the Best Part of Kate Middleton’s Diaper PhotoDroopy balls in the background.
  11. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Middleton’s Party Book Not Selling So WellSales are “as flat as last night’s champers.”
  12. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Middleton in High-Society Fight Over ‘Simple and Comforting’ BookNormally, the upper classes have footmen do the brawling for them.
  13. tenuous middleton mania
    Pippa Middleton Makes Tatler’s Most Eligible Ladies ListWell, obviously.
  14. look book
    The Pippa Middleton Look BookCharting the style evolution of England’s most famous sister.
  15. pip pip hooray
    Kate Middleton Didn’t Attend Pippa’s Book PartyActually, we should say parties.
  16. Pippa on Pumpkins, Her Bum, and MoreAll thanks to her new book, Celebrate.
  17. duchesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Must Do a Killer Cheryl Cole ImpressionYet another reason her bachelorette party — er, “hen night” — was probably awesome. 
  18. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Is Supposedly Rejecting Offers Left and RightHer book promotions are suffering for it. 
  19. loose threads
    See the Trailer for Iris Apfel’s Documentary; Shopbop Has a New LookPlus, what’s up with the vagina costumes in Tampa?
  20. excessive holidays
    Slideshow: All the Royals at the Diamond JubileeIn boats on the Thames, no less.
  21. pip pip hooray
    Brit Newspaper Mad That Pippa Middleton Is Planning Parties Like It’s Her JobOh, wait — it is.
  22. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Middleton Wore a Pink Version of Kate’s Blue Engagement DressTo a wedding this weekend.
  23. pip pip hooray
    Is Pippa Middleton Moving to New York?!That would be AWESOME. Right?
  24. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Parties With Dwarves, Strippers; Scandalous Photos EmergeMore details about her very exciting weekend in Paris.
  25. Pippa and the Gun: The Middletons’ Very First ScandalIf charged with illegal use of a handgun, she could face up to seven years in prison.
  26. loose threads
    Cameron Diaz’s First Tag Heuer Ad; Banana Republic’s ‘Pippa’ DressPlus, inside Tommy Hilfiger’s Plaza home, why new model Lara Mullen needs Google Alerts, and more fashion news.
  27. loose threads
    DVF Debuts Childrenswear; P-Mid Skis a MarathonPlus, Victoria Beckham fronts Madame Figaro, designers fete Obama, and other fashion news.
  28. loose threads
    Scandalous KStew and Karl Pic; No Cash For PippaPlus, Emma Watson on her fashion problem, Kate Moss wears a turban, and more fashion news.
  29. pip pip hooray
    Barbara Walters and Oprah Are Reportedly Fighting Over Pippa MiddletonAnd Ellen’s getting in the mix, too.
  30. Pippa Middleton Gets Photographed Nearly 400 Times a DaySo says the Daily Mail’s photo editor, who would definitely know.
  31. princess birthdays!
    Kate Middleton’s 30th Birthday Party May Be Eighties-ThemedRumors abound!
  32. millenial pilgrims
    Pippa Middleton, Lady Gaga, and Other Celebrities Who Dress Like PilgrimsAlexa Chung, naturally, is also in this slideshow.
  33. never never land
    Guess Which Peter Pan Collar–Loving Celebrity This IsHint: She also has a penchant for pilgrim-esque buckled pumps.
  34. loose threads
    Marc Jacobs Wants Your Awkward Holiday Photos; Fendi’s CEO Moves to BulgariPlus, Carey Mulligan has cuter chipmunk cheeks than an actual chipmunk.
  35. princesses!!!
    How Did You Like SNL’s Kate and Pippa Spoof?Katy Perry played Pippa.
  36. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Middleton Gets a Royal Christmas TooAnd she’s not even dating Prince Harry (yet).
  37. pip pip hooray
    Barbara Walters Fascinated by Pippa MiddletonJoin the club, Babs.
  38. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Middleton’s Alexander McQueen Bridesmaid Dress Sold OutIn other news, the sky is blue.
  39. loose threads
    Jacobs’s Dotty Collaboration; High-Heel IndexAlso, Rachel Zoe has reportedly spent $90,000 on her baby’s nursery and clothes. And more “news”!
  40. beauty marks
    Pippa’s New Hair ; Lady Gaga’s Hooker PerfumePlus, one in three bosses think women wear too much makeup to work.
  41. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Middleton’s Bridesmaid Dress Is on Sale OnlineWell, not HER dress, but McQueen’s new version of it.
  42. pip pip hooray
    Prince Harry & Pippa Middleton Look-alike AnticsCorgis add a touch of class to faux-Pippa’s walk of shame.
  43. loose threads
    ALT and de la Renta to Curate a Museum ExhibitPlus, Karlie Kloss is on the cover of December’s German ‘Vogue’, wearing lots of roses and crushed velvet.
  44. loose threads
    Dolce & Gabbana on Madonna’s Clothing Line; Pippa Middleton Is a Single LadyAlso, Versace’s H&M line is in ‘Rodeo’ magazine.
  45. superlatives
    The Olsen Twins Got Their Very First Vogue CoverWell, sort of.
  46. royal wedding
    Look, Some Particularly Weird-Looking Kate and Pippa DollsPippa’s has some strange protruding nipples.
  47. middleton mania
    Pippa Middleton’s Rumored Party-Planning Book Has the British Press Up in ArmsThey’re enjoying it, of course.
  48. loose threads
    Justin Timberlake Likes the Middletons; Temperley Sells Possibly Insensitively Named PantsAlso, there is a line of designer (Louis Vuitton, Burberry, etc.) Band-Aids, Victoria Beckham saw a UFO, and more news.
  49. pip pip hooray
    British Department Store Hired a ‘Kate Middleton Look-Alike’ to Model Their Knockoff of Pippa’s DressThe British press finds this odd.
  50. loose threads
    Pippa Middleton Covered Up for Her Latest Gala; Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Are Selling Their HouseAlso, some of Karl Lagerfeld’s designs for Macy’s have already hit the sale racks.
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