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Pippa Problems

  1. pippa problems
    Pippa Middleton Has Declared War on PancakesShe says she won’t eat pancakes and maple syrup.
  2. pippa middleton wedding
    Pippa Middleton Has Been Doing a ‘Bridal Body Boot Camp’Oy vey.
  3. crash diets
    Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Follow Pippa Middleton’s Wedding DietAn expert warns the Sirtfood Diet isn’t good for you.
  4. pippa problems
    Oh No, Pippa Middleton’s Wedding May Be Invaded by Normal PeopleMembers of the public may attend under a new Church of England guidance.
  5. pippa problems
    Pippa Middleton’s Newspaper Column Was CanceledDispatches for The Telegraph no more. 
  6. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Made a Pun About Her Booty-DressAss if. 
  7. Pippa Middleton Bar-Hops in a Red Furry RickshawIntroducing the latest fashion in transportation.
  8. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Middleton Asks: Do Oysters Really Turn One Into a Lusty Horndog?Your favorite columnist inquires. 
  9. pip pip hooray
    Is Pippa Middleton Moving to New York?!That would be AWESOME. Right?