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Placebo Effect

  1. People Feel Drunker If You Tell Them They’re Drinking a Vodka Red BullPerhaps these intrepid scientists will study Fireball next.
  2. Give In to the Soothing Futility of the ‘Placebo Button’Elevator door-close buttons, office thermostats, and more.
  3. This Is One of the Only Performance-Enhancing Supplements That Actually WorksThe very real effects of totally fake interventions.
  4. The Placebo Effect Might Work for Your Pet, TooSome researchers believe animals respond to placebos, even if they don’t understand how it happens.
  5. The Placebo Effect Is Getting Stronger — But Only in the U.S.It may have at least something to do with all the pharmaceutical ads on TV. 
  6. How the ‘Nocebo Effect’ Might Explain Gluten Sensitivity Researchers say believing a substance is physically harmful can make it so.