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  1. politics
    Teen Rips Into GOP Senator for Voting to Block Planned Parenthood Funds16-year-old Deja Foxx had some words for Arizona senator Jeff Flake.
  2. politics
    Trump Signs Law That Allows States to Defund Abortion ProvidersThe bill barely passed in the Senate last month.
  3. politics
    Conveniently Timed Leak Says Ivanka Trump Secretly Met With Planned ParenthoodThe news comes the day after Ivanka told critics she criticizes her dad behind the scenes.
  4. advice
    Cecile Richards and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on How to Survive 2017As told to Katie Couric at Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit last night.
  5. Shonda Rhimes Is Joining Planned Parenthood’s National Board“The fact is that women’s health is under fire right now.”
  6. Anti-Abortion Activists Behind Planned Parenthood Video to Face Criminal ChargesCalifornia’s attorney general filed a warrant for the activists’ arrest.
  7. Kansas Lawmaker Compares Planned Parenthood to Nazi Concentration CampState Senator Steve Fitzgerald made the comment after learning a donation had been made in his name.
  8. politics
    Defunding Planned Parenthood Would Lead to Thousands More BirthsEspecially for low-income women.
  9. tastemakers
    The Friends and Actresses Calling on Their Craft to Support Planned ParenthoodNathalie Love and Samantha Ressler created the collective We the Women to support women in the arts and beyond.
  10. politics
    GOP’s Obamacare Replacement Bill Defunds Planned Parenthood by Limiting MedicaidThe bill also limits coverage for abortions in the private insurance market.
  11. politics
    Trump Says Planned Parenthood Can Keep Federal Funds If It Ditches AbortionsPlanned Parenthood rejected the proposal before it was formally made.
  12. reproductive rights
    Barbara Pierce Bush to Speak at Planned Parenthood FundraiserDon’t mess with Texas women.
  13. legal battles
    Judge Blocks Texas’s Attempt to Cut Medicaid Funding to Planned ParenthoodA federal judge issued a preliminary injunction and wrote a scathing opinion admonishing the state.
  14. Pro-Planned Parenthood Rallies Are Happening All Across America This WeekendNearly 100 events are planned for President’s Day weekend.
  15. first person
    When Good Christian Girls Need Planned ParenthoodThey were there for me when no one else was.
  16. politics
    Cancer Survivor Asks a Republican Why He Wants to Defund Planned Parenthood“Why you are trying to take that vital health provider away from women like me?”
  17. cabinet of horrors
    Trump’s New Health Secretary Could Be Disastrous for WomenThe Georgia congressman is almost as bad as Mike Pence.
  18. political fashion
    The CFDA Is Partnering Up With Planned ParenthoodNow, you can wear your support on your lapel.
  19. women’s march 2017
    Here’s What It Was Like to March on Washington With Planned ParenthoodThe country’s most threatened organization isn’t going to take this administration lying down.
  20. How Difficult Is It to Get an Abortion in Your State?Don’t assume you know your rights.
  21. Iowa Lawmakers Suggest Women Go to a Dentist Instead of Planned ParenthoodThe list of women’s-health providers state lawmakers said they’d be happy to fund included a few questionable choices.
  22. the body politic
    Fake News and Why Doctors Lie About AbortionThe consequences of bad information about women’s health.
  23. women’s healthcare
    Paul Ryan Nods in Concern As Woman Asks Him About Defunding Planned Parenthood“I want to make sure you get the care you need,” he told a woman who depended on the clinics he’s planning to defund.
  24. birth control
    Planned Parenthood Has Seen Demand for IUDs Increase by 900 PercentCecile Richards told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.
  25. action
    The Women’s Run to D.C. Has Already Raised $35,000 for Planned ParenthoodAnd so many women wanted to run with them that it’s now a relay.
  26. Here’s What to Do After You’ve Called Paul Ryan About Planned ParenthoodAnother opportunity to turn anger into action.
  27. Lola Kirke Wore a ‘F*ck Paul Ryan’ Pin to the Golden GlobesSo much better than a diamond necklace.
  28. reproductive rights
    Planned Parenthood Supporters to Deliver 80,000 Petitions to Paul Ryan TodayTo let him know that they stand with Planned Parenthood.
  29. action
    4 Women Are Running From New York to D.C. to Raise Money for Planned ParenthoodThey’ll cover 240 miles in five days.
  30. politics
    Planned Parenthood Will Lose Federal Funding As Soon As Next MonthAs part of their effort to repeal Obamacare.
  31. reproductive rights
    9 Things People Get Wrong About Planned ParenthoodKnowledge is power.
  32. abuses of power
    Now-Defunct Planned Parenthood ‘Witch Hunt’ Panel Calls for Terrifying ChangesThey really went for it.
  33. women’s healthcare
    Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards: ‘We Aren’t Going Anywhere’Planned Parenthood plans to stand up to the Trump administration.
  34. abortion rights
    Planned Parenthood Takes Texas Back to CourtThe state is taking final steps to cut Planned Parenthood from its network of Medicaid providers.
  35. women’s march 2017
    Planned Parenthood and Gloria Steinem Join Women’s March on WashingtonLess than a month to go before the march.
  36. actually good things
    Planned Parenthood Got 40 Times Its Usual Number of Donations Since the ElectionPeople are protesting Trump with their wallets.
  37. women’s health
    Texas Makes Final Move to Stop Funding to Planned ParenthoodHealth officials in Texas filed a legal notice to end the program’s Medicaid funding.
  38. politics
    ‘Nasty Woman’ T-Shirt Raises More Than $100,000 for Planned ParenthoodThe one inspired by Donald Trump.
  39. witch hunts
    Republicans Want the Department of Justice to Investigate Planned ParenthoodA new report released Tuesday calls on the DOJ to investigate claims Planned Parenthood and its affiliates sold fetal tissue.
  40. women’s health
    It’ll Soon Be Illegal to Defund Planned Parenthood Just for Providing AbortionsOn the state level, at least.
  41. planned parenthood
    Planned Parenthood Is Preparing to Be Defunded Under Trump“This is a fight on a scale we haven’t seen before.”
  42. how sweet
    Here’s How Many Planned Parenthood Donations Have Been Made in Mike Pence’s NameHow generous.
  43. shmashmortion
    Reproductive Rights Are Already Under AttackReproductive-rights groups have filed three lawsuits to challenge unnecessary abortion restrictions.
  44. politics
    Republicans Are Already Planning to Defund Planned ParenthoodAccording to “GOP sources on and off the Hill,” it’s only a matter of time.
  45. Here’s How Trump’s Presidency Could Make It Harder for You to Get Birth ControlTwenty-seven percent of women and 44 percent of low-income women get their contraceptives from a publicly funded clinic.
  46. we won’t go back
    5 Ways You Can Help Planned ParenthoodGet involved and help their doors stay open.
  47. charitable things
    People Are Donating to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s NameThat way, the vice-president-elect will get a thank-you from an organization he loathes.
  48. Woman Leading Planned Parenthood ‘Witch Hunt’ Joins Trump’s Transition TeamMarsha Blackburn is bad news for abortion rights.
  49. These Independent Artists Are Donating Their Proceeds to Help Fight TrumpOne thing you can do now.
  50. shmashmortion
    In Praise of How Jane the Virgin Discussed Abortion Last NightThe show’s depiction was realistic without being sensational.
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