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  1. celebrities
    Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence Love Makeup, Not Plastic SurgeryThe two sat down for a frank conversation about why their faces look different now.
  2. power
    The Rise and Fall of ‘Dr. Roxy’When plastic surgeon Dr. Katharine Grawe rose to TikTok fame, her OR seemed busier than ever. Until a record of botched surgeries caught up to her.
  3. celebrity
    Raven Symoné Says She Had Two Breast Reductions Before 18She hoped that if she got liposuction, people would “stop calling me fat,” she said on her podcast.
  4. keeping up with kylie
    Kylie Jenner Regrets Her Boob JobJenner says she wants to have a “bigger conversation about the beauty standards that we are setting.” This isn’t it.
  5. who is he?
    Did Barney Get Buccal-Fat Removal?The big purple dinosaur has a brand-new face.
  6. beauty
    I Got Rid of My Buccal Fat Years Ago and Never Looked BackNo one noticed my cheeks after the 45-minute surgery that changed my face. And that’s exactly what I wanted.
  7. encounter
    Allie Rowbottom Is No Botox MoralistHer new novel, Aesthetica, is a deft horror story about how far we can take our clout-chasing.
  8. wait what is happening on tiktok?
    Why Is Everyone Suddenly Obsessed With Liquid Rhinoplasties?But also, what is a liquid rhinoplasty? (Hint: Too good to be true.)
  9. self
    In the Pursuit of HotnessHow one sub-Reddit community is defining our beauty standards — and then striving for them at all costs.
  10. self
    Why Ireland Baldwin Is Being Open About Her Plastic SurgeryThe model recently took to social media to share her frustrations about the response she got for sharing her “facetite” treatment for her lower chin.
  11. self
    Bella Hadid Regrets Her Nose Job“I think I would have grown into it.”
  12. self
    Linda Evangelista Says She Doesn’t Recognize Herself AnymoreIn her first interview since revealing she was “brutally disfigured” by Coolsculpting.
  13. self
    Linda Evangelista Says CoolSculpting Left Her ‘Brutally Disfigured’The supermodel said a rare side effect of the procedure sent her into “a cycle of deep depression, profound sadness, and self-loathing.”
  14. style
    The Global Pursuit of a Bigger ButtThe frenzy for curves that replicate — and distort — Black beauty ideals.
  15. black beauty matters
    Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton’s Success Is Measured in Millimeters“In my head, there’s 1,000 thoughts all at the same time, but that doesn’t happen in the operating room because there’s no room for anything else.”
  16. self
    Thank You for Talking About Your BotoxAn ode to the public service of keeping it real.
  17. skin deep
    Are You Ready for Post-Op Selfies?Allow Marc Jacobs to demonstrate.
  18. skin deep
    A Lot of People Got Secret Butt Implants Last YearThe procedure was surprisingly popular in 2020.
  19. beauty
    Why Is Hailey Bieber Threatening to Sue a Plastic Surgeon?It involves a TikTok video.
  20. quarantine
    The Ultra-Rich Are Begging for Plastic Surgery in IsolationA high-end plastic surgeon on turning down several calls a day.
  21. social media
    Instagram Is Banning Plastic-Surgery-Effect FiltersThe platform announced that it will be removing “all effects associated with plastic surgery.”
  22. pleas
    Please Keep Your “Resting B*tch Face”It is a gift to be cherished.
  23. health
    Do We Really Understand the Risks of Breast Implants?The Cut spoke to a plastic surgeon about the FDA’s decision to recall certain textured breast implants linked to a rare cancer.
  24. feature
    How Many Bones Would You Break to Get Laid?“Incels” are going under the knife to reshape their faces, and their dating prospects.
  25. true crime
    Brazilian Butt Doctor Charged With Murder in Patient DeathDenis Furtado performed a butt-enhancing procedure on a woman who died after receiving the injections.
  26. true crime
    Plastic Surgeon Known As ‘Dr. Bumbum’ Arrested After Patient’s DeathHe had spent four days on the run.
  27. science of us
    It Took Me Decades to Get the Breasts I WantedWhat was I waiting for?
  28. self reflection
    What It’s Like to Break Your Face Like Carrie UnderwoodShe’s right: You can’t cry pretty.
  29. plastic surgery
    Here’s How Much Cardi B’s Butt Injections CostShe told GQ she got them done in a basement apartment in Queens, by a woman who was later arrested for murder.
  30. women’s health
    A State in India Is Now Offering Free Breast Implants to the Poor“Why should beauty treatment not be available to the poor?,” the state’s health minister asked.
  31. the plastics
    A New TV Channel Wants to Book Boob JobsLike Botched, but doctor-approved.
  32. hackers
    Hackers Threaten to Publish Plastic-Surgery Photos of RoyalsA group known as the Dark Overlord stole photos from a high-profile plastic surgeon in London.
  33. vanity
    The Trump Administration Has Reportedly Messed With D.C.’s Plastic-Surgery PlansCongress has had to reschedule their nips and tucks.
  34. behind the scenes
    The Side of Plastic Surgery You’ve Never SeenA rarely seen side of plastic surgery.
  35. 9 People Died From Rare Cancer Linked to Breast Implants, According to the FDAThe FDA says those with breast implants have a “low but increased” risk of developing the cancer.
  36. sex diaries
    The Young Professional Whose Mom Paid for Her Breast AugmentationThis week’s sex diary.
  37. wrinkles in time
    What It Costs to Be AgelessA breakdown.
  38. good friends
    Iggy Azalea Gives a Shout-out to Her Plastic Surgeon on His BirthdayAs one does.
  39. Just by Looking at a Photo, Plastic Surgeons Know Exactly How Old You AreA new study argues that the skill can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures.
  40. transformations
    Meet the Women Having Plastic Surgery to Look Like Ivanka Trump2016 keeps getting stranger and stranger.
  41. keeping up with the kardashians
    Kylie Jenner Says She Didn’t Get a Boob Job, It’s Just ‘That Time of the Month’Kylie Jenner is explaining away another body-modification rumor.
  42. women in hollywood
    Courteney Cox Opens Up to Bear Grylls About Having ‘Done Things’ to Her FaceHe gets it.
  43. our casual dysmorphia
    More and More Teen Girls Want to Get Plastic Surgery on Their LabiaEnough teen girls are requesting cosmetic surgery on their labia that a leading gynecologic group felt the need to step in.
  44. nothing to see here
    Which Oscars Stars Had Plastic Surgery? Nobody Knows Anymore.Lasers and “mini-Botox” have actors looking more natural than ever.
  45. A Woman Went Under for Plastic Surgery and Woke Up With KleptomaniaHuh.
  46. Gillian Anderson Won’t Put Up With the Daily Mail’s Ageist NonsenseLeave Agent Scully alone!
  47. advice
    Ask Polly: Should I Get a Boob Job?Why are you asking for permission?
  48. q & a
    Paulina Porizkova: ‘I Feel Sorry for the Girls Who Are Modeling Now’The outspoken icon on aging and Photoshop.
  49. our bodies ourselves
    Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Butt InjectionsA plumping primer. 
  50. wellness theories
    RuPaul on Plastic Surgery and Being ‘Well’“I’m a sensitive, sensitive man-child. I have to be very careful with what I put into my body.”
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