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Plastic Surgery

  1. works of art
    A Bunch of Women Are Funding This Dude’s Michelangelo-Themed Plastic SurgeryHe wants to look like the David.
  2. the youth
    Germany Bans Cosmetic Surgery for MinorsUnless it’s deemed “medically necessary.”
  3. Monuments Replace Celebrities As Plastic-Surgery InspirationWould you rather have a nose like the Eiffel Tower or Kate Middleton?
  4. getting work done
    All the Ways John Kerry Can Address Plastic Surgery Rumors Courtesy of the female celebrities who have been there.
  5. plastic surgery
    Julie Chen Says Eyelid Surgery Saved Her CareerShows pictures; asks, “Did I give in to ‘the man’?”
  6. bad news
    Study: A Face-lift Won’t Make You Look HotterOr even much younger.
  7. having it all
    The Lean-In Crowd Gets One More Thing to Fret AboutLooking middle-aged, rather than old.
  8. daily male
    Men Are Injecting Fat Into Their Butts to Help Pants Stay UpThe plight of the flat-bottomed male.
  9. last minute gifts
    Maybe Your Dad Wants an Acid Peel This Father’s DayWho knows. 
  10. faking it
    Michelle Obama’s Arms Spark Liposuction TrendThe “upper arm-lift” has increased 4,378 percent in the past few years.
  11. a nose by any other name
    Kate Middleton’s Nose in High Demand With Plastic SurgeonsIt is a nice nose.
  12. interview
    The Plastic Surgery DealerBeauty consultant Melinda Farina raises eyebrows.
  13. Carmen Dell’Orefice Defends Her Plastic SurgeryIn a new documentary about aging supermodels.
  14. going with plastic
    Charlize Theron: ‘I Can’t Foresee Myself Ever Going Under the Knife’But all bets are off when she’s in her mid-sixties.
  15. going with plastic
    Wendy Williams on Why Black Women ‘Will Never Go for Any Kind of Surgery’“We are supposed to be natural. Ugh, whatever.”
  16. cover girls
    Lana Del Rey Defends Her Lips in TShe’s on the cover of their spring fashion issue.
  17. plastic surgery
    Diane Von Furstenberg, Post-Ski-Accident, Shot by Chuck Close“When the accident happened, I said, ‘Oh no, my cheekbones!’”
  18. beauty marks
    Composite Face-Lifts Gain Momentum; No One Is Buying Jennifer Aniston’s PerfumePlus, MAC teams up with Bollywood makeup artist Mickey Contractor.
  19. beauty marks
    Foot-Restructuring Surgery Gains Momentum; Cher’s Hair Is Bright OrangeAlso, Taylor Swift uses a Sharpie as eyeliner.
  20. faces that still move?
    Angelina Jolie Denies Having Had Plastic SurgeryShe doesn’t think she will get anything done either.
  21. reasons to keep your face mobile
    Botox Could Make You FlabbySo much for those Pilates classes.
  22. about-face
    Finally, Women on Television Other Than Joan Rivers Admit to Plastic SurgeryGuess who said, “I plead the fifth … Okay, I have a bucket of Botox in my face!”
  23. beauty marks
    Frida Gustavvson Matched Her Hair to Her Puppy; Plastic Surgeons Inject Patients’ Fat Into Their BreastsAlso, Lady Gaga gets some colorful extensions, and Lime Crime launches eyeshadows.
  24. quotables
    Paulina Porizkova Thinks Plastic Surgery ‘Actually Saves’ Quality of LifeShe’s not down with women who don’t admit to getting plastic surgery, however.
  25. beauty marks
    Lea Michele Thought She Needed a Nose Job in High School; ScarJo Cut Her HairAlso, see how Blake Lively does bronze eyes.
  26. quotables
    Julianne Moore Hates to ‘Condemn’ a Face-Lift“We recognize emotionally that that’s not what we look like, that there’s something off.”
  27. beauty marks
    Botox Approved to Treat Migraines; Latin American Vogue Experiments With Hair PomsAlso, check out Fashion Toast’s new hairstyles.
  28. beauty marks
    Salma Hayek Wore a Turban; Serena Williams Collabs with OPIPlus, Shanna Moakler calls her own reality show ‘exploitative.’
  29. party lines
    ‘When you get older, your life shows on your face.’Why WOULDN’T she ride a pink bicycle to her 68th birthday party?
  30. beauty marks
    Katy Perry’s New Blue Do, Keds to Match Your Hair Color, and One Dirty Photo ShootAlso, why Natalie Portman reeks of Dior.
  31. beauty marks
    Ashley Greene Named New Face of Mark Cosmetics; Avon and Hervé Léger Release Two New FragrancesPlus, the triumphant return of dark roots.
  32. beauty marks
    Vitamin A in Sunscreen Can Lead to Tumors; Kim Kardashian Tried BotoxAlso, UV nail dryers in salons could cause cancer too.
  33. beauty marks
    Botox May Give You Wrinkles; Jo Malone Films Reality ShowAlso, Victoria Beckham is back to her bob.
  34. beauty marks
    J.Crew Releases Nail Polish With Essie; Scientists Use Stem Cells in New Face-lift MethodAnd Freida Pinto discusses her definition of beauty.
  35. beauty marks
    Bruce Willis’s Fragrance Bottle Revealed; Number of Liposuctions Down 19 PercentAlso, Alexa Ray Joel discusses her nose job.
  36. beauty marks
    Akon Files Lawsuit Over Fragrance; Doctors Test Ways to Treat Acne Patients OnlineAlso, Heidi’s plastic surgery prevents her from eating comfortably.
  37. beauty marks
    Gisele Explains the Name of Her Skin-Care Line; Filmmakers Shun Surgically Enhanced StarsAnd Amanda Seyfried tried the towering-hairstyle trend on the red carpet.
  38. beauty marks
    Mary-Kate Olsen’s Brows Go Bushy; Drew Barrymore Renounces Plastic SurgeryAlso, 10 million plastic-surgery procedures were performed last year.
  39. beauty marks
    L’Wren Scott Working on Project With Lancôme; Gisele Wears Claw ClipsAlso, Snooki landed a Pantene Pro-V gig.
  40. beauty marks
    Demi Moore Half-Confesses to Plastic Surgery“I have had something done, but it’s not on my face,” she said.
  41. beauty marks
    Doctors Let Patients Stay Awake for Boob Jobs; Non-Surgeons Perform Lipo in CaliforniaAnd a 28-year-old New Yorker claims that she spends $47,000 a year on hair extensions.
  42. beauty marks
    Snooki Spray-Tans Unsuspecting New Yorkers; Ke$ha Goes Out Without MakeupAnd Tom Ford’s new lipstick line comes out June 1.
  43. beauty marks
    See How Angelina Jolie Covers Up Her Tats; Plastic Surgery on the Rise in IraqAnd fragrance sales are down.
  44. beauty marks
    Heidi Montag Done With Plastic Surgery; Jennifer Love Hewitt’s New Short DoAnd John Varvatos is releasing a new fragrance.
  45. beauty marks
    Gisele to Launch Skin-Care Line; Spa Week Appointments Now AvailableAnd Mel B shaved off half her hair.
  46. plastic surgery
    How Much Has Botox Affected Acting?“If you can’t move your face, why not create an undemonstrative character?”
  47. beauty marks
    New Wrinkle Filler in Development to Last a Whole Year; Olympic Speed Skater Expresses Himself Through His HairAnd Arlenis Sosa reveals her skin-care secret.
  48. beauty marks
    Miranda Cosgrove Named New Neutrogena Rep; Get a Bra Inserted Under Your SkinAnd a new photo series finds beauty in extreme plastic surgery.
  49. beauty marks
    Anne Hathaway: ‘I’m Not That Pretty’; Botox Plays With Your EmotionsAnd Balenciaga’s first fragrance in twelve years is finally out.
  50. beauty marks
    Lady Gaga Has to Bleach Her Hair Every Three Weeks; Fragrance Foundation Attempts to Boost Fragrance SalesAnd a 21-year-old plans to get surgery to look like Jessica Alba so she can win back her Alba-obsessed boyfriend.
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