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  1. celebrity
    Millie Bobby Brown Is a Feminist Because Her Psychic Told Her SoShe also Googled it.
  2. please clap
    Gisele Stays WinningShe wishes her newly retired ex the best of luck in all his future endeavors [prayer-hands emoji].
  3. please clap
    Good Costume, Steve BuscemiThe appropriate use of the word meta.
  4. niche drama
    Feral Peacocks Are Tearing Southern California ApartBoth literally and figuratively.
  5. sports!
    Simone Biles Made History Once AgainAs the first woman ever to land a Yurchenko double pike.
  6. please clap
    Congrats to Rihanna on Becoming Her Own NeighborThe singer has reportedly purchased a new home in Beverly Hills … right next door to the mansion she bought earlier this year.
  7. please clap
    Jennifer Coolidge Posed As Twins to Date Two Men at Once“I ended up meeting these two guys that were best friends … so I told them that I had an identical twin, and I dated both guys.”
  8. How Jeb! Should Spend His Remaining $24.4 MillionAfter spending $5,000 per vote, Jeb! still has a lot left over.
  9. random acts of kindness
    20 Easy Ideas for Random Acts of KindnessCelebrate #RandomActsOfKindness with style and grace!