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Plus Size Clothes

  1. ahead of the curve
    J.Crew Is Making More Curvy ClothingTheir new capsule will go up to 5X.
  2. always shopping
    14 Plus-Size Bralettes for Every StyleGood-bye, underwire.
  3. business casual
    24 Sleek Work-Friendly Pieces for Curvy WomenPulled together options for busy weekdays.
  4. plus-size clothes
    Prabal Gurung Was Once Asked Why He Designs ‘for Fat People’He also said his Lane Bryant collection was met with “snickering.”
  5. let’s talk about breasts
    My Big Boobs Look Great in This Plus-Sized BraIt makes them look round, perky, and huge.
  6. style tricks
    A Plus-Size Fashion Designer on Designing for Curvier WomenJumpsuits, gowns, and more ideas for holiday dressing.  
  7. fashion innovation
    Two Cornell Students Finally Design a (Decent) Plus-Size Dress FormAmazing it took so long for someone to think of this.
  8. body issues
    Crystal Renn Explains Exactly How Full-Figured Models Could Get More Runway Work“We’re all talking all the time about how we want to see fuller-figured women in fashion, but that’s really impossible unless we have the clothes.”
  9. the curvy campaign
    Yet Another Reason Why More Plus-Size Clothes Don’t ExistFashion students don’t want to learn how to make them!
  10. the curvy campaign
    Forever 21 Is Renaming Its Plus-Size Line to Sound More, Well, Plus-SizeThe name now includes a plus sign.
  11. buyer’s guide
    First Look: Inside Williamsburg’s Plus-Size Pop-upRalph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein designs in sizes 12 to 24.
  12. party chat
    At the OneStopPlus.com Show, Models Debate the Pros and Cons of ‘Plus-Size’Some thing it’s liberating, others marginalizing.
  13. fashion on twitter
    Is Marc Jacobs Considering a Line for ‘Above Average’ Sizes?Robert Duffy tweets, the world listens.
  14. boobs or lose
    Why Don’t More Designers Make Plus-Size Bras?The average American woman’s cup size is a 36DD; ten years ago, it was a 36C.
  15. body issues
    Garance Doré Clears Up Those Negative Plus-Size–Model CommentsShe explains she has no problem with curves, even her own.
  16. body issues
    Crystal Renn for Diversity, Against Fetishizing FatThe plus-size beauty opens up about weight issues and more.
  17. big and beautiful?
    Nonplussed: Study Says Even Full-figured Models Damage Self-esteemInternational research finds that plus-size models do not benefit plus-size women.
  18. she who throws cats
    Kenley Collins Might Do a Plus-Size Line, Denies Samples for Kelly RowlandShe would rather do plus-size clothes than wedding dresses.
  19. body issues
    ‘Fat-shionistas’ Band Together for Full-Figured Fashion WeekThey want clothes that are stylish. But the industry shows no signs of delivering anytime soon.
  20. ditto that!
    Evans Rolls Out Preview of Beth Ditto’s Plus-Size Fashion LineThe Gossip singer’s curvy, clubby collection finally gets a viewing.
  21. body issues
    The Trouble With Plus-Size ClothingUnlike smaller sizes, it’s just not made to fit people well.
  22. Recession Causes Stores to Cut Back on Plus-Size ClothesEven though this market has the largest potential for growth of any in the clothing industry.
  23. coming soon
    Forever 21 to Launch Plus-Size LineThey’re calling it Faith 21.
  24. party lines
    If Simon Doonan Designed Clothes They Wouldn’t Be for the Little PeopleThey’d be for plus-size women!