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Plus Size Models

  1. body-shaming
    Tess Holliday Says She’s Boycotting Uber After a Driver Fat-Shamed Her“I’m fat. I also have a fat wallet & will no longer be using your services.”
  2. the modeling world
    Ashley Graham Walked the Michael Kors ShowThe designer seems to have changed his perspective on plus-size models.
  3. body diversity
    Model Ashley Graham on Why We Need Curvy BarbiesThe curve model and body-image activist got her own doll.
  4. it’s a barbie world
    This Is the First Barbie With Thighs That Actually TouchModel Ashley Graham has her own curvy Barbie, and she insisted it have no thigh gap.
  5. size matters
    Denise Bidot on Beauty and Body Confidence at Any SizeLatina and Kuwaiti curvy model Denise Bidot wants girls to feel the beauty of confidence. 
  6. size matters
    Jordyn Woods on Loving Your Body and InstagramJordyn Woods on plus-size modeling and what it’s like being Kylie Jenner’s best friend. 
  7. size matters
    Robyn Lawley on Why Plus Models Don’t Get Beauty ContractsCurvy model Robyn Lawley explains how she’s been passed over for beauty jobs. 
  8. agree to disagree
    Ashley Graham, Amy Schumer Differ on ‘Plus-Size’Schumer’s reluctance to embrace the term showed a “double-standard,” Graham said.
  9. size matters
    Curvy Model Philomena Kwao on ‘Plus-Size’ PoliticsThe self-described black, curvy model on why she doesn’t care if you call her fat, and being discovered in a model search. 
  10. facebook irony
    Facebook Rejects an Ad Featuring Plus-Size Model Tess HollidayThe photo was being used to advertise an event about body positivity.
  11. size matters
    France’s Most Famous Curvy Model on Being ObjectifiedAnd the cliché of French women not getting fat. 
  12. Ashley Graham Looks Amazing on the Cover of Sports IllustratedDon’t underestimate this moment.
  13. body diversity
    SI Swimsuit Issue Has Its Curviest Model YetAshley Graham is having a pretty fantastic day.
  14. wellness theories
    Sophie Tweed-Simmons on Being ‘Plus Size’ in Hollywood “I can’t make myself thinner or prettier, but I can walk into the room with more confidence and personality.”
  15. size matters
    They’re Badass Tiger Stripes, Not Stretch MarksRobyn Lawley is starting a new movement. 
  16. size matters
    Q&A: The First ‘Plus-Size’ Model in SI History“My size is just a number.” 
  17. calendar girls
    Talking to Candice Huffine, the Pirelli Calendar’s First Plus-Size Model The Cut talked to Candice Huffine about landing the big gig. 
  18. delightful people
    A Rock Star’s Daughter Designed a Butt-Centric Clothing LineGene Simmons’s daughter is the crown jewel of Family Jewels.
  19. size matters
    Robyn Lawley Discusses Posing Naked With BunniesBut this has absolutely nothing to do with bestiality.
  20. weighty issues
    Model Karolin Wolter ‘Was Proud’ to Be Called Plus-Size“To be given this label was most likely the happiest day I can remember.”
  21. quotables
    No, Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley Isn’t ‘Fed Better’ on Photo Shoots“I simply eat when I’m hungry and finish just before I’m full.”
  22. body issues
    Where Are All the Plus-Size Male Models?The women are booking some good fashion work, but can any of their shapely male counterparts do the same?