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Pokemon Go

  1. gotta catch em all
    Police Officers Fired for Catching Pokémon Instead of RobbersIf it helps, they were trying to get a Snorlax.
  2. gotta catch em all
    Confessions of a Reluctant Pokémon Go AddictSixty-three percent of users in the U.S. are women.
  3. queen bey
    Please Don’t Play Pokémon Go at a Beyoncé ConcertJust don’t.
  4. technology
    How Pokémon Go Might Actually Be Helping Kids With AutismIt isn’t some crazy, unsupported theory.
  5. guessing game
    Justin Bieber Spent All Day Playing Guess WhatA fun game.
  6. pokemon catchers beware
    Someone Created an Anti-Pokémon Go List“Get a life and stay out of my yard.”
  7. love in the time of charizard
    Enterprising Woman Uses Pokémon Go to Catch Her Cheating BoyfriendA new meaning to “gotta catch ‘em all.” 
  8. dong watch
    Kate Beckinsale Dresses As Rare Pokémon The actress dressed up as the elusive “Buldgeasaur.”
  9. can u not
    Men Incapable of Playing Pokémon Go Without Going Completely InsaneGotta drag them all.
  10. People Would Rather Catch Pokémon Than Go on DatesBut it also has potential as a dating app.