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  1. downtown kids
    A Downtown Legend Captures New York’s Next Generation“Relax!” says Maripol, the original Polaroid queen.
  2. And Now, Our $300K Birthday Wish ListThe Overspenders are baaaaack.
  3. instagramatic collaborations
    See a Polaroid-Inspired Beauty CollaborationErik Madigan Heck and MAKE Cosmetics’ eerie-beautiful new collection.
  4. disco heaven
    What Else Would Lady Gaga Wear to MIT?Something that wasn’t see-through, you say? Pish posh.
  5. best bets
    Best Bet: Next-Generation Polaroid FilmThis black-and-white insta-film is tricky to handle — but with a little practice, the results are markedly pretty.
  6. loose threads
    $33 Million Counterfeit Ring Busted; Naomi Campbell Has ‘Matured’Also, ‘The New Yorker’ pays homage to Alexander McQueen this week.