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Police Misconduct

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    Ex-Cop Avoids Conviction in Breonna Taylor’s Killing Once AgainThe federal civil-rights case against Brett Hankison ended in a mistrial.
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    A Train Hit a Police Car With a Woman Handcuffed InsideShe survived, though her attorney wonders why Colorado officers left their SUV parked directly on the tracks.
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    Minneapolis Police Had a Pattern of Racial Discrimination, Report FindsMPD reportedly used covert social-media accounts to surveil Black community leaders.
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    The Cover-up MachineActivists in Aurora, Colorado, wanted justice for Elijah McClain. Instead, they found themselves facing decades in prison.
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    A New Book for the ‘Abolition Curious’“There’s only so much longer we as a society will tolerate police killing three people per day.”
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    It’s Not on the Public to Protect Themselves From PoliceAfter officer Wayne Couzens was sentenced for raping and murdering Sarah Everard, London police have some safety suggestions for civilians.