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Political Fashion

  1. feel the bern
    An Ode to Bernie Sanders’s Rumpled StyleIt’s secretly as radical as his politics.
  2. The V&A Turned Down Margaret Thatcher’s WardrobeSo now it’s going up for auction.
  3. political fashion
    Designer Reem Acra Is a Woman for Anthony WeinerWho wouldn’t want to dress Huma?
  4. political fashion
    Ugg Boots Discouraged at CPACWould you wear it to Walmart?
  5. Joke On About Christine Quinn’s Cover Look, ‘It’s Not Sexist at All’P.S. She’s glad she’s a woman.
  6. with imagination i'll get there
    WWD Thought Ann Romney Looked Like a RainbowWith twinkling stars and seahorses in the background.