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Political Fashions

  1. political fashions
    Melania Trump Wears Michael Kors for Trump’s First Address to CongressThe embroidered black jacket and suit is from Kors’s spring ’17 RTW collection.
  2. inauguration 2017
    Melania Trump Wears Hervé Pierre to the Inaugural BallsThe former model collaborated with the designer.
  3. political fashions
    Melania Trump Wears Ralph Lauren on Inauguration DayThe pale-blue suit is drawing comparisons to Jackie Kennedy.
  4. political fashions
    Tommy Hilfiger on Melania Trump: ‘Any Designer Should Be Proud to Dress Her’“I don’t think people should become political about it,” he said.
  5. political statements
    Lady Gaga Made a Feminist Statement With Her Election-Themed OutfitLeave it to Gaga to let the clothes do the talking.
  6. hashtags
    People Are Using #GrabYourWallet to Boycott Ivanka Trump’s Clothing LineThe hashtag is the brainchild of a Bay Area woman named Shannon Coulter.
  7. pantsuits of the union
    Ralph Lauren Designed Hillary Clinton’s DNC SuitSurprise.
  8. political fashions
    No One Seems to Know Who Designed Hillary’s SuitThat may be deliberate.