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  1. science of us
    The Infuriating Psychology That Helps Explain White Women Showing Up for Moore“This isn’t a partisan thing — it’s a human thing.”
  2. Researchers Accidentally Found One Way to Help Kids Grow Up to Be VotersChildren who were in a program designed to help develop social skills were more likely to vote when they grew up, an unintended but happy side effect.
  3. A New Paper Breaks Down the Health Effects of the 2016 ElectionBeyond just health policy.
  4. Liberals and Conservatives Are Equally Likely to Seek Out Political BubblesA new study found that people on both sides of the political divide will actively avoid exposing themselves to opinions they disagree with.
  5. What Shapes Your Political Beliefs at 18, 35, and 50A new study looks at the most powerful influences throughout a person’s life.
  6. Appeals to Selfishness Can Nudge People to Act in a More Pro-Environmental WayA new study adds to a growing pile of evidence about how to best frame environmental arguments.
  7. Can Curiosity Help End Scientific Quackery?An intriguing new study suggests that curiosity, not knowledge, can drive people to seek out the truth.
  8. political psychology
    Are Conservatives More Scared of Stuff Than Liberals?A new study adds some weight to the idea that they might be, but it’s important to recognize the caveats.
  9. political psychology
    This is a Great Psychological Framework for Understanding How Fake News SpreadsIt’s way more complicated than “some people are dumb or ignorant.” We’re all capable of believing wacky stuff.
  10. fake news
    Should We Call ‘Fake News’ ‘Folk News’ Instead?A folklore researcher argues that we’re focusing way too much on what’s true and what’s false, rather than why people believe crazy things.
  11. behavioral economics
    A Two-Word Psychological Concept Can Explain the Anger Over Obamacare RepealPeople are much more likely to get riled about the prospect of having something taken from them as opposed to given to them.
  12. gmos
    Millennials Have Bad Views on GMOsKids these days will fall for any bit of environmentally flavored fearmongering, and that’s too bad.
  13. donald trump
    Why Some Protests Succeed While Others FailHistory and academic research have some vital lessons for those who are hitting the streets to protest Donald Trump.
  14. forecasting
    ‘Shy Voters’ Can Help Explain Why Everyone Got the Election WrongAccording to one pollster, all over the country, there were voters who wouldn’t acknowledge that they were voting for Trump.
  15. Why There Probably Won’t Be Much Election ViolenceAn expert on one of the more infamous recent examples of election violence sees few warning signs in the U.S.
  16. There’s (More) Hope for Political Fact-checkingTwo new tests of the so-called backfire effect bring an important update — and a lesson of how social-science collaboration should work.
  17. race
    Want More Trump-like Politicians? Make White People Feel WhiterAs America gets closer and closer to being majority minority, white people will feel more threatened and politics will get uglier.
  18. The North Dakota crash was an inside job
    It’s So Easy to Get People to Believe in Conspiracy Theories a LittleWhy won’t the government tell us what really happened with the North Dakota Crash? What gives them the right to hide the truth from us?
  19. political psychology
    These Are the 3 Types of American NationalismWe think of nationalism in pretty two-dimensional terms, but it’s actually a fairly complex psychological concept.
  20. political psychology
    Maybe There’s Some Hope for Political Fact-checking After AllNew research suggests that we shouldn’t be overly gloomy about the potential for fact-checking to correct people’s political misperceptions.
  21. There’s No Explanation for Lone-Wolf Attacks, and Our Brains Can’t Handle ThatIt would be nice if there were some one-size-fits-all narrative that could explain Ahmad Khan Rahami and others like him, but there just isn’t.
  22. Donald Trump
    Jane Goodall Explains Donald Trump’s Debate ‘Strategy’The one-on-one format of the debates could make it harder for Trump to go Full Trump.
  23. A Terrorism Researcher Makes the Case for HopeRight now it seems like ISIS is taking over the world, but some perspective is useful.
  24. A Primatologist Explains the Gentler Donald TrumpIn the search for a Trump reference point, it might be time to bring in other species.
  25. social media
    Sometimes Social Media Can Change MindsIt might feel like Facebook fights only reinforce people’s preexisting views, but there can be an upside, too.
  26. political psychology
    How Voters React to Mixed-Race FamiliesUsing fake campaign ads to test how voters think.
  27. chipotle
    There Were Always Going to Be Chipotle TruthersA viral, conspiracy-addled column offers a fascinating real-life example of political psychology in action.
  28. political psychology
    It’s Okay to Block Your Trump-Supporting FriendPublic political conversations on Facebook and Twitter really don’t get us anywhere anyway.
  29. political psychology
    How to Save Lives by Countering ISIS Propaganda“We wanted to say, ‘Let’s stop guessing. This is possible, and this is how it can be done.’”
  30. political psychology
    How Terrorism Affects Voter Psychology“In understanding the impact of terror threats on the 2016 election, we are to a great extent in uncharted territory.”
  31. political psychology
    How Conservatives Can Sway Liberals, and Vice VersaStop using moral framing that appeals to you but not your argument adversary.
  32. political psychology
    People Aren’t Suspicious of Things Labeled ‘Conspiracy Theories’Yet another reason they are hard to debunk.
  33. conspiracy theories
    Here’s a Cool Conspiracy Theory About Ted Cruz“We’ve already decided. At the last retreat … we already decided.”
  34. presidential debates
    These Social-Science Nuggets Can Make You a Smarter Debate-WatcherThere’s some under-the-radar stuff you should watch out for.
  35. Amy Schumer’s Gun-Control Push Could BackfireHeavily politicized issues are trickier from a persuasion perspective.
  36. political psychology
    Why the Planned Parenthood Video Worked So WellDisgust is a powerful motivator.
  37. political psychology
    Politics, Emotion, and Knee-JerkinessThe more heated you get, the less logical you get.
  38. political science
    Why the Confederate Flag Fell So SuddenlyAfter decades of stalled debate, the symbol swiftly lost support.
  39. michael lacour
    Michael LaCour Probably Fabricated a Document About Research Integrity“It was an early warning sign of bigger issues.”
  40. debunking
    How a Grad Student Uncovered a Huge Fraud“What’s the book? There’s no book for this. What do we do?’”
  41. debunking
    An Interview With Donald Green, the Co-Author of the Faked Gay-Marriage Study“I’m quite embarrassed by the whole situation, embarrassed to have any role in the situation.”
  42. A Really Important Political Science Study About Gay Marriage Used Faked DataA brewing science scandal.
  43. death penalty
    My Views on Tsarnaev and the Death Penalty Are Irrational, But So Are YoursThe difficulties of arguing from the gut.
  44. facebook
    The Problems With Facebook’s Polarization StudyResearch that fails to pop the filter bubble.
  45. chipotle
    Chipotle Is Promoting Opportunistic Anti-Science HysteriaIt’s not that different from pandering to anti-vaxxers or climate-change deniers.
  46. anti-vaccination
    Why Shaming Anti-Vaxxers Won’t WorkThere are many ways shaming can backfire, even when it’s done in a thoughtful way.
  47. Politicizing the Vaccination Fight Could Make Things WorseIt will only drive vaccination rates lower.
  48. political psychology
    Does the Ryan Gosling Meme Really Make Men More Feminist?Hey, girl. Let’s do some science.
  49. political psychology
    Stephen Colbert Made Conservatives More ConservativeThe faux-blowhard icon had some surprising effects on his viewers, not all of whom were in on the joke.
  50. bias
    Political Extremists Are Resistant to One Kind of BiasNo anchoring for them, thanks.
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