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Political Psychology

  1. political psychology
    20 Minutes With a Gay Person Changes MindsPersonal stories matter — a lot.
  2. employment
    Leave the Politics Off Your RésuméIt’s much more likely to do you harm than good.
  3. political psychology
    We Like It When Our Beliefs Can’t Be DisprovenThe joys of unfalsifiability.
  4. political psychology
    ‘Solution Aversion’ Can Explain Climate SkepticsPeople are less likely to believe in a problem’s existence if they don’t like the proposed solutions for it.
  5. conspiracy theory
    Inside Twitter’s Marathon-Bombing FailureIn the best case, for every five times a false rumor was tweeted, it was met with a rebuttal. Usually the ratio was a lot worse.
  6. genetics
    The Endless Dance of Genetics and Human HistoryGenes give rise to culture, and culture can determine which genes survive.
  7. political psychology
    Ebola Fears Could Make People More Likely to Vote ConservativeThe biological/psychological roots of conservatism.
  8. race
    Here’s What Happens When You Tell White People America Is Getting Less WhiteNot everyone is happy about the country’s demographic shifts.
  9. political psychology
    The World Is a Pretty Fair Place, According to Rich PeoplePeople who aren’t rich, it may not surprise you to find out, beg to differ.
  10. political psychology
    How to Convince Conservatives on Climate ChangeStep one: Stop describing it as a dire environmental emergency.
  11. political psychology
    David Brooks Is Wrong About Why People Are So NegativeIt isn’t about Washington dysfunction.
  12. political psychology
    Why We Hate-ReadExposure to media that infuriates us brings a weirdly irresistible feeling of passion.
  13. trust
    Nobody in America Trusts Anyone, Says New StudyBut can the study be trusted?
  14. conspiracy
    You Should Watch That St. Louis Cop’s Unhinged SpeechAn inside glimpse at a depressingly unhinged worldview.
  15. media
    What All This Bad News Is Doing to UsCould a fixation on tragic news stories make us more reactionary in the long run?
  16. awareess
    Awareness Is Overrated, Race EditionA study shows that informing white people that there are extreme black-white disparities in incarceration may increase their support for the very policies that gave rise to the problem.
  17. political psychology
    Are Conservatives More Negative Than Liberals?It’s not just Bill O’Reilly.
  18. media
    How Fox News Promotes Government DysfunctionThe network’s inaccurate reporting creates “surprised losers” at election time, who then help gum up the gears of governance.
  19. How Segregation Benefits the Tea-Party MovementThe farther removed you are from the perceived recipients of government aid, the less likely you are to support that aid.
  20. political psychology
    Do Your Genes Make You a Democrat?Interesting new research suggests genes help explain our political beliefs — but let’s not get carried away.
  21. A New Study Helps Explain Why Some People Get Enraged When Women Have SexWe’ve got some pretty old-school ideas about morality floating around.
  22. Why You Shouldn’t Take That ‘Everybody Hates Obama’ Poll Too SeriouslyPolls are fickle things.
  23. Conservatives Don’t Mindlessly Follow AuthorityWell, what kind of authority are we talking, here?
  24. Conservatives Care More About Consensus Than LiberalsMake fun of them for it all you want, liberals, but it gives them certain political advantages.
  25. Don’t Be Surprised When Conspiracy Nuts Act Like Conspiracy NutsThey process information differently.
  26. Twitter’s Fresh New Political Stars Are … Dennis Miller and Bill MaherThe Twitter-rich tend to get Twitter-richer.
  27. Will Dave Brat’s Weird Name Cost Him at the Ballot Box?Research suggests it might, but mostly among voters with the least information.
  28. Overweight Political Candidates Get Fewer VotesFemale candidates are punished more than males ones for being overweight, of course.
  29. Yep, We Judge Female Politicians on Their LooksA typically “feminine” face translates to more votes, particularly in conservative states. 
  30. How to Win Your Next Political ArgumentWith these five tips couched in cutting-edge science, you can finally go toe-to-toe with crazy Uncle Bob.
  31. Does Being Anxious Make Us More Moral?Those who are insecure in their relationships may have more well-developed senses of fairness and empathy.