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    Donna Karan and the First Female PresidentHow should a powerful woman dress?
  2. ze french
    Slideshow: Carla Bruni’s Best First Lady MomentsA look back at Mrs. Sarkozy’s most memorable sartorial choices.
  3. obamania
    President Obama, Like Most College Students, Shopped at Goodwill“There’s, I guess, fur on the jacket, on the collar.”
  4. political style
    Hillary Clinton’s Staffers Want to Save Her From Her Scrunchies“She said the reason she grew her hair long was that it’s easier.”
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    Carla Bruni Likes to Put on a Wig and Ride the Paris MetroPics or it didn’t happen.
  6. political style
    Sarah Palin Has an ‘Excuse For Looking Flannel-ly,’ Unlike Michele BachmannThat excuse? “Her Alaska-ness.”
  7. political style
    Capitol Hill’s Fashion Caucus Now OfficialCan they squash the knockoff industry?
  8. political style
    Sarah Palin’s Stylist Outs HerselfShe wants everyone to acknowledge the great job she did.
  9. political style
    Nanette Lepore Is Fighting to Save the Garment District, But What About Mayor Bloomberg, Ralph Lauren, and Other Bigwigs?She says they don’t return her calls.
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    Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni Collide Again in Very Different OutfitsMichelle wore a strappy floral number; Carla wore a conservative black one.
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    Fashion Caucus Could Make Capitol Hill Trendy, SexyA Fashion Caucus could form in Congress.
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    Michigan Avenue Won’t Reveal What Desirée Rogers Wore on Her Latest CoverProbably because it’s expensive and the White House doesn’t want to look gauche.
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    New Marc Jacobs Tees Demand Gays’ Right to WedPrinted with the coolest lesbian illustration we’ve seen in a while.
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    Why Didn’t Desirée Rogers and Valerie Jarrett Say Who They Wore to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?Some speculate the administration wanted them to focus on things other than fashion. Horrors.
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    Can Michelle Obama Save America’s Fashion Industry?She can probably help a little bit.
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    The RNC Actually Spent $180,000 on the Palin Clan’s ClothesApparently the RNC spent $350 at a day spa and made purchases at Victoria’s Secret.
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    We Know What Barack Obama Will Wear to the Inaugural BallHe’s getting a new tux for the first time in fifteen years!
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    Is André Leon Talley Responsible for Michelle Obama’s Jason Wu Dress?He supposedly introduced her to Wu, who Michelle wore on ‘The Barbara Walters Special’ last week.
  19. gifted
    Barack Buys Michelle a $30,000 Ring (UPDATED)Still, it’s merely one tenth of Cindy McCain’s $300,000 outfit.
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    Thakoon Puts Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention Dress on HiatusThakoon stopped making the “reverse kimono”–style dress but plans to bring it back.
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    Michelle Obama Style Book in the WorksWe hope it’s like the ‘Sex and the City’ movie book.
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    Suit Maker Capitalizes on Barack Obama Affiliation. Finally.Hart Schaffner Marx is boasting on its homepage that Barack wears its suits, and the company even has a “West Wing” collection in the works.
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    Bosnian Clothing Maker Names a Line of Suits After Barack ObamaIt’s their way of paying homage to our fair nation.
  24. political style
    Sarah Palin Speaks at Length About Those $150K ClothesShe professes utter innocence, naturally.
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    Michelle Obama’s $11,000 Election Night Earrings Have Been IdentifiedLoree Rodkin designed the white-gold, diamond-encrusted baubles.
  26. political style
    Michelle Obama Wore Maria Pinto to the White HousePinto had hoped Obama would wear the $750 dress on Election Night.
  27. political style
    Sasha and Malia Obama Fall Victim to Suri Cruise SyndromeAnd it makes us feel kind of weird.
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    Michelle Obama Feels ‘Odd’ As a Fashion IconShe calls herself a “tomboy jock at heart.”
  29. political style
    Objectifying Barack Obama: ‘Male Model’Designers can’t wait (for their clothes) to touch his body.
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    When Will Sarah Palin’s Clothes Go to Charity?Probably not until Republican National Committee lawyers examine them.
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    Sarah Palin May Have Spent More Than $150,000 on Clothes!She also wore a $500 Elie Tahari suit last night.
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    Michelle Obama Wears Spring 2009 Narciso Rodriguez on Her Big NightThe dress was basically fresh off the runway, so a special arrangement must have occurred between her and the designer.
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    Barack Obama Upgrades His Mom JeansHe used to wear faded jeans, but yesterday he wore snazzy dark jeans.
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    J.Crew’s Traffic Booms Thanks to Michelle ObamaEveryone wants the clothes she wore on the ‘Tonight Show.’ But you can still get them!
  35. political style
    Michelle Obama Wears J.Crew on ‘Tonight Show’And proves you don’t need designer clothes to make a statement.
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    Palin’s Favorite Consignment Shop in TroubleNewly famous, it faces a trademark suit.
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    Sarah Palin Wears Old Clothes and Gives a Speech About ItBut did she ditch her $5K hair and makeup team?
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    Marc Jacobs Supports Obama With ‘Change’ T-shirtIt’s a different design direction than his popular Hilary Clinton tee’s, but we’ll bet it sells out fast.
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    Did the RNC Shop at a Different Atelier for Sarah Palin?There’s also a womenswear expo in New York called Atelier.
  40. political style
    Did Sarah Palin Actually Get $150,000 Worth of Clothes?It doesn’t look like it!
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    The McCain Campaign Should Have Thought More About That $150K Shopping SpreeFashion critics say it’s incongruous with her image and wonder why she couldn’t shop at Banana Republic.
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    Sarah Palin’s $150K Wardrobe Upsetting But LegalShe might not relate to Joe the Plumber anymore, but it doesn’t look like laws were broken.
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    How to Spend $150,000 at Saks and Neiman MarcusWhy Palin’s fashion budget might have been necessary.
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    Playing a First Lady Doesn’t Make You a LadyElizabeth Banks thinks First Lady Laura Bush would look a lot better if she looked more like Elizabeth Banks.
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    Barack Obama’s Paris Runway DebutBarack popped up in spring 2009 collections by Sonia Rykiel and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.
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    Michelle Obama Chooses Fast FashionThe potential First Lady wore an H&M dress to a rally in Detroit.
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    Sarah Palin Has a Secret Team of StylistsAnd they made her spend $2,500 on a Valentino jacket!
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    Sarah Palin Wears the Same Kind of Shoes As Paris HiltonNaughty Monkey shoes are normally marketed to twentysomething nightclub hoppers. Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin both wear them.