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  1. abortion rights
    The Assault on Abortion Rights Is Tyranny of the MinorityMost GOP voters want Roe v. Wade upheld. And banning abortion in all circumstances is opposed by a majority of voters in every U.S. state.
  2. politics
    America Just Broke a National Stress RecordDonald Trump’s victory has ushered in a new era of national anxiety.
  3. Nobody Tell Donald Trump He’s the Least Popular Person in His FamilyBoth Ivanka and Melania are better liked than the president, which will probably infuriate him.
  4. politics
    Most Women Voters Believe Trump Committed Sexual AssaultIn a new poll, 56 percent of female voters said they believe the accusations against Trump.
  5. politics
    Parents of Daughters Are More Likely to Vote for Hillary ClintonIf you have a daughter and no sons, you’re far more likely to support Clinton.
  6. popularity contests
    Melania Trump Would Be the Least Popular First Lady Since Hillary ClintonFunny how that works.
  7. the body politic
    Guess What? Americans Love Planned ParenthoodMore than they love either political party or any presidential candidate.
  8. people that are scarier than anna wintour
    Your Mom Is Scarier Than Anna Wintour“Your mom,” next in line at Vogue?
  9. fashion ranking
    New York Now Officially More Stylish Than ParisAccording to number-crunchers.
  10. polls
    Princess Diana to Be Brought Back From the Dead FirstA Vanity Fair poll reveals celebrity reanimation priorities.
  11. polls
    Candace Bushnell, Demographer, Predicted Rise of Female BreadwinnerLife imitating Lipstick Jungle.
  12. weddings!
    Calling All Wedding Guests: Tell Us Your Big-Day TalesTake our poll and we’ll turn it into a stats page for the next issue of ‘New York Weddings.’