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  1. queer cinema
    The Sexy Indie Film Blowing Up the Group ChatPassages is the feel-bad, bicurious, throuple-questioning, could-it-happen-to-us hit of the year.
  2. recommendations
    Which Episode of Where Should We Begin? Should You Listen to Right Now?A comprehensive guide to Esther Perel’s flagship podcast.
  3. seeing someone
    Can I Be Chill About Dating a Poly Guy?Maybe, but it’s probably not worth the work for a casual relationship.
  4. all in the family
    Nonmonogamous in Theory, Monogamous in RealityParenting with multiple partners during a pandemic has been harder than it sounds.
  5. relationships
    I Approach Polyamory With the Same Drive I Do My WorkWithout apology and with lots of trial and error.
  6. celebrity
    Willow Smith Opens Up About Being PolyamorousIn a “Red Table Talk” with her mom and grandma.
  7. winning
    Ah, to Be in an Open Marriage and Dating Brad PittPitt is reportedly dating a German model, who is reportedly married to someone else. How nice that must be!
  8. celebrity
    Harry Styles’ New Video … Kind of Makes Me Want to Be Poly?Let me join this polycule.
  9. coronavirus
    What It’s Like to Isolate With Your Girlfriend and Her Other BoyfriendA polyamorous man on his experience during the coronavirus outbreak.
  10. okay we get it
    Who Knew There Was This Much to Say About SwingingThe Silicon Valley guy spoke to Playboy about being ethically nonmonogamous, at astonishing length.
  11. true crime
    Man Accused of Killing His Mom Over Fortune, Covering It Up With His GirlfriendsJared Eng reportedly called two women he met at college to help him after the alleged murder.
  12. relationships
    How Two Poly Vampires Make Their Marriage WorkThey work together, sleep during the day together, and drink blood together!
  13. sex diaries
    The Woman Worried She’ll Never Meet Her Polyamorous Boyfriend’s ParentsThis week’s sex diary.
  14. relationships
    I Refuse to Believe That Polyamory Is Killing Off ParrotsThe parrots should try to communicate better with their multiple partners.
  15. sex diaries
    The Man Planning a Thanksgiving ThreesomeThis week’s sex diary.
  16. dating
    5 People on Coming Out As Poly to Their Families“My grandmother said ‘Well, that doesn’t sound too bad, I wouldn’t mind your grandfather having someone else to drag up to the cabin on the weekend!’”
  17. science of us
    Advice From a Polyamory Coach on Dealing With Relationship JealousyStep one: Accept that it’s probably inevitable.
  18. it’s complicated
    The Frustration of Being an Open-Relationship Guru to All My FriendsWhat I wish people knew: Just because my partner and I aren’t monogamous doesn’t mean we have everything figured out.
  19. sex diaries
    The Married Salesperson Who’s Missing Her BoyfriendThis week’s sex diary.
  20. dating
    Dating Apps Are a Playground for the PolyamorousSo what should single women do?
  21. Ex-Polyamorous Trio Granted ‘Tri-Custody’ of Their Child by a New York JudgeThe ruling was reportedly the first of its kind in New York.
  22. sex diaries
    The Woman on a Getaway at the Jersey ShoreThis week’s sex diary.
  23. sex diaries
    The Polyamorous Birthday Girl Looking for More Women This week’s sex diary.
  24. what it’s like
    What It’s Like to Be a Polyamorous Genius“I have learned that sometimes I have to acknowledge someone’s feelings even though they are stupid in my mind.”