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  1. cut chats
    Every Thought We Had Listening to Ariana Grande’s Eternal SunshineWhat it does the Ariana Grande album say — or not say — about her relationship with SpongeBob?
  2. culture
    The Idea of You
    Is This New Anne Hathaway Movie Really One Direction Fanfic?Nicholas Galitzine’s character in the new Amazon rom-com The Idea of You resembles a certain Sarry Htyles.
  3. culture
    Shawn Mendes Uses Smogpocalypse to Announce New SingleFans quickly called him out for capitalizing on a natural disaster.
  4. introductions
    Griff Is on a Mission to Stay Away From Conveyor-Belt Pop“My worst nightmare is to release stuff that sounds and looks exactly the same,” the 20-year-old musician says.
  5. real talk
    Shirley Manson: Women Got Complacent, and Beauty Is IrrelevantManson is no one’s “Stupid Girl.”
  6. Peaches on Trump, Touring, and Turning 50The electro-pop star is as raunchy as ever.
  7. cyberbullying
    Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei Quits Twitter Over ‘Horrific’ Abuse“I’ve not just been cyber-bullied, I’ve been racially cyber-bullied.”
  8. emotion
    Teen Music Is Wasted on the TeensCarly Rae Jepsen makes the perfect pop for adults who are still growing up.
  9. superstars in the making
    Doing Karaoke With Tori KellyBefore she sang at the VMAs, she sang with me.
  10. the dong song
    Here’s a Snazzy Swedish Song About Genitalia“Snippity, snip, snippity snop.”
  11. pop mechanics
    Blurring the Lines: How to Enjoy Maybe-Sexist MusicOn Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, and the art of compartmentalizing.
  12. encounter
    Natalia Kills Wants to Watch You Watch Her Do ‘Horrible Things’ Tea (and vomit) with fashion’s new favorite singer.