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Pop Psychology

  1. pop psychology
    Staying In Is Not the New Going OutThe new going out is… still going out.
  2. studies
    Study: Maybe Money Actually Does Buy Happiness?Life gets better when we own fancy things.
  3. research
    20 Things People Supposedly Like More Than SexWhat’s better than getting laid? Internet access.
  4. it’s science
    Study: Humans Have Only 4 FeelingsWe can still eat them though, yes?
  5. pseudoscience
    Study: Placebo Sleep Just As Good for You As Actual SleepLies always prevail.
  6. imaginary husbands
    Study: ‘Katie’ and ‘David’ Make the Best SpousesThe more generic the name, the better the hypothetical marriage.
  7. friendship
    Your Brain Has an Exclusive VIP Line for FriendsOne in, one out. Bribes accepted.
  8. science says
    Fondling Men’s Boxers Makes Women SpendyA silly study finds women have a strong reaction to men’s underthings.
  9. hard habits to break
    Help: I’m a People-Pleaser, and I Hate ItI want to stop (but I still want you to like me).
  10. it’s science
    Science Confirms It: Cats Don’t Love UsWe know. We’ve always known.
  11. evil marketing schemes
    A Schedule of When Your Self-Esteem Is LowestAnd when companies should push beauty products.