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Pope Francis

  1. hmm
    Childless Man Says Not Having Kids Is ‘Selfish’Pope Francis specifically called out pet owners.
  2. religion
    The Pope Says Sexy Sins Are Not the ‘Most Serious’ SinsAmen ;)
  3. mea culpa
    Who Liked a Butt Pic From the Pope’s Instagram?The Vatican is investigating.
  4. peace be with you
    All the Gossip the Pope Isn’t Going to Hear From MePope Francis said “gossip is a plague worse than COVID,” so I promise not to tell him any of this.
  5. oh?
    The Pope Says Pleasures of Sex and Eating Are ‘Simply Divine’They “come from God,” per Pope Francis.
  6. coronavirus
    The Pope’s Okay for NowIt was just a cold.
  7. called out
    Please Log Off, the Pope BegsFor the love of God, literally.
  8. happy new year
    The Pope Is Sorry for Slapping That LadyMea culpa.
  9. niche drama
    So What’s Going on With This Pope Francis Hell Controversy?It all started when His Holiness reportedly said that Hell doesn’t exist.
  10. marriage
    The Pope Threw a Surprise Wedding on a PlaneHe married two flight attendants mid-air.
  11. hotshot
    The Pope Takes a Literal Circus in StrideMay we all handle 2018 with the calm grace of Pope Francis.
  12. tiny things
    Even the Pope Is Getting in on the Miniatures CrazeWith a microscopic Nativity scene.
  13. hot shot
    The Pope Celebrated His Birthday With a Giant PizzaHe blew out a single candle in the middle.
  14. hot shot
    Here’s Pope Francis Blessing a LamborghiniHoly, holy, holy.
  15. religion
    Pope Francis Tells Everyone to Chill Out With the Cell-Phone Pics During MassHe even called out priests and bishops.
  16. religion
    Pope Francis Is Planning to Weigh in on Fake NewsIl Papa wants to “promote professional journalism, which always seeks the truth.”
  17. the people’s pope
    Pope Francis Does Not Have Time for Climate-Change Deniers“Man is stupid.”
  18. the people’s pope
    Even the Pope Went to TherapyIt helped him “clarify some things.”
  19. drams do come true
    Sean Spicer Finally Got to Meet the PopeAfter Trump excluded him from a previous audience.
  20. owned
    This Story Might Almost Make You Feel Bad for Sean SpicerSpicer was reportedly not invited to meet the pope, even though it meant very much to him.
  21. the people’s pope
    All of the Ways the Pope Mercilessly Dragged Donald TrumpThe pope really does speak for all of us.
  22. old pope
    Pope Francis Invites Mothers to Breastfeed Their Infants in the Sistine Chapel“You mothers, go ahead and breastfeed, without fear.”
  23. religion
    Pope Francis Rules All Women Can Be Forgiven for AbortionsThe announcement comes weeks after Trump won the Catholic vote.
  24. pope francis
    Pope Francis Says It’s ‘Terrible’ Children Can Choose Their Own GendersCool Pope who?
  25. et tu cool pope?
    Pope Francis Doesn’t Want Nuns to Be ‘Wasting Time’ on Social MediaDouble standard much, Cool Pope?
  26. Pope Francis Says Think Twice Before MarriageTo couples everywhere: Think Really, Really Hard About What You’re Doing.
  27. cool pope watch
    Cool Pope Francis Is Here for Your Beauty VlogBlessed are the YouTube personalities.
  28. holywood
    Fame Has Really Changed the PopeThanks, Leo.
  29. the pussy posse rides again
    Leo’s Influence on the Pope Is Stronger Than Axe Body SprayIs Francis the newest member of the Pussy Posse?
  30. holywood
    The Pope Meets Leonardo DiCaprio One Time and Suddenly He Thinks He’s an ActorWhat have you done, Leo?
  31. unlikely pairings
    Leonardo DiCaprio Not As Fluent in Italian As His Name Might SuggestGood effort.
  32. cool pope yeah right
    Pope Francis Believes God Thought the Internet Was a Good IdeaAnd on the seventh day He created the internet.
  33. Historic: Women’s Feet No Longer Too Gross to Be Washed by PopeFinally!
  34. nun stuff
    What Activist Nuns Really Think About the PopeThey would prefer that he be a little more flexible when it comes to women’s rights.
  35. religion
    Pope Francis’s Revolution Has Left Out WomenIn both words and deeds, he supports reinforcing traditional gender roles within the Catholic Church. 
  36. papal fashion
    Pope Francis Is Our Normcore PopeIs the pope stylish or do we just love robes?
  37. blessed events
    Brangelina to Grace the Pope With Their Holy PresenceA blessed event for the Pope.
  38. vatican-approved
    The Pope Was Gifted Diesel Jeans As an Early Christmas PresentFor casual Good Fridays?
  39. coming out
    Where Are All the Gay Men in Rome?There are signs of the Mafia everywhere, but the Gay Mafia? Not so much.
  40. weird style icons
    Chloë Sevigny Is ‘Really Into Pope Francis’ Right NowThe Vatican’s hot new style icon.
  41. quotables
    Suzy Menkes Thinks the Pope Is Making Italian Fashion Less SexyHe is the reason Italian designers are now humble (or so she thinks).
  42. zomg shoes
    Speculation About New Pope’s Shoes ‘Reaching Fever Pitch’“Pope Francis is quite a long way from Benedict in terms of style.”