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  1. power
    House Financial Services Committee Holds Hearing On FTX Collapse
    AOC Describes the ‘Trauma’ of Seeing Deepfake Porn of Herself“It’s not as imaginary as people want to make it seem,” she said.
  2. artificial intelligence
    A New Jersey High School Is Investigating AI-Generated NudesStudents at Westfield High reportedly shared deep-fake images of female classmates via text.
  3. feminism
    Who Actually Lost the Sex Wars?And were there any winners? A conversation with Christine Emba, Nona Willis-Aronowitz, and Lorna Bracewell.
  4. hmmm
    Imagine Suing Your Parents Over PornA 43-year-old man who sued his parents after they threw away his extensive porn collection will receive over $30k for his losses.
  5. internet
    Sex Was the Best Part About TumblrWhy softcore porn was the best part of the platform.
  6. crime
    Man Who Posed As Porn Scout to Trick Women Into Sex Faces No Major ConsequencesThe fraud even admitted what he did on tape, but police argue the sex was technically consensual.
  7. crime
    Las Vegas Man Extorted Sexually Explicit Images From 500 Girls, Prosecutors SayThis crime is a classic example of “sextortion.”
  8. politics
    Anthony Weiner Could Reportedly Face Child-Pornography ChargesFederal prosecutors are still discussing the charges with Weiner’s attorneys.
  9. pornography
    Explaining the Latest Skirmish in the Porn WarsBeware of simple x-causes-y stories.
  10. moral panics
    What Is Utah’s Anti-Porn Craze Really About?One scholar doesn’t think it has much to do with actual public-health concerns.
  11. The Origins of Utah’s Fake ‘Public-Health Crisis’ Over PornA textbook example of what happens when science gets politicized.
  12. sex lives
    The Porn Flâneur: What Baudelaire and LubeTube Have in CommonFor the viewer, the internet is a garden of carnal delight—and carnal anthropology. 
  13. Narcissists Watch More Internet PornAnd the more XXX-rated content people watched, the more narcissistic they tended to be. 
  14. interview
    Q&A: The Man Making Gay Porn for CharityMike Kulich is America’s first nonprofit pornographer.
  15. true stories
    The Crusading Sisterhood of Revenge-Porn VictimsRevenge porn is illegal in one state. Why not the other 49?
  16. gifting
    Celebrity Amazon Wish Lists: Inevitable?Farrah Abraham seeks sexy maid costume, baby toys.
  17. weinergate forever
    Sexting Is the New Porn; Weiner Just Wanted to Be a Porn StarWho needs a phone-sex hotline when your followers are horny?
  18. smut studies
    The Death of the Celebrity Sex Tape How Kim Kardashian’s co-star became a relic.
  19. huge mistakes
    What Should You Do If You Accidentally Send Porn to Your Dad?Actress Anna Friel did it.
  20. here she comes
    The Teen Beauty Queen and the Barely Legal PornoWhy Miss Delaware Teen USA shouldn’t surprise us.
  21. let’s talk about…
    What Porn Means to Us: 20 Couples Open UpFrom tentacles to Baywatch: How we fear, love, share, hide, and imitate porn.
  22. nonsense
    Vermont Upset About Burton’s Porn BoardsNaked women show up on snowboards. Offensive or not?
  23. campaign trail
    Jeff Burton Shoots Porn Stars for the New Kris Van Assche CampaignWho needs models?
  24. rebels with a cause
    Ben Westwood Stages Protest With Fetish ModelsVivienne Westwood’s son was protesting a bill that will outlaw extreme pornography on January 1.