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  1. spice up your life
    Victoria Beckham’s Beauty Line Is HereIt was born during London Fashion Week.
  2. spice up your life
    Enjoy Watching Victoria Beckham Enthusiastically Dance to ‘Spice Up Your Life’She brought back Posh Spice at her London Fashion Week after-party.
  3. posh knows best
    Of Course Victoria Beckham Has a Pink Christmas TreeBecause, why not?
  4. quotables
    Surprise: Victoria Beckham Actually SmilesOnly in family portraits, though.
  5. beauty is pain
    ‘Poshitis’: The Latest Recycled Fashion PlagueSymptoms include: torn muscles, inflamed shoulder tendons.
  6. look book
    The Victoria Beckham Look BookSee the Spice Girl turned designer’s most memorable style moments.
  7. spicy dish
    American Idol Crowd Just Doesn’t Get Posh SpiceShe was supposedly bland, icy, and wooden at the auditions she just judged. The problem with that is … ?
  8. spicy dish
    Posh to Grace the Cover of Vogue?She’s never been the cover girl for the U.S. edition, but rumor has it she’s slated for October.
  9. spicy dish
    Victoria Beckham Worked Out Hard for Her Armani Underwear AdsThat confidence comes not from within, but from lots of running.
  10. hot men
    David Beckham Designs Clothes, Won’t Model ThemThereby defeating the purpose of his designing clothes in the first place.
  11. fall 2009
    Marc Jacobs to Cut Fashion-Show Guest List by 1,300Thanks, economy!
  12. spicy dish
    Victoria Beckham’s Dress Line Selling Out at Bergdorf GoodmanThis follows success in England where Selfridges sold out of her entire collection at both the London and Manchester locations in one day.
  13. spicy dish
    How Much Did Roland Mouret Help Victoria Beckham With Her Frock Line?Insiders say he’s basically designing the line for her. How surprising.
  14. spicy dish
    Being a Spice Girl Didn’t Open Doors, Fashion-WiseVictoria Beckham says she’s had to “bang them down.”
  15. nonsense
    Video: Victoria Beckham’s New Dress Commercial Predictably NonsensicalAnd also reminiscent of the Poshter’s old Marc Jacobs ads.
  16. spicy dish
    BREAKING: Posh Spice to Star in Emporio Armani Skivvy AdsWhy let David have all the fun?
  17. beauty marks
    Skin-Munching Fish Make Feet Silky SmoothFish pedicures are all the rage in Virginia, Posh and Anna Wintour’s bobs are out, and Givenchy’s new pocket watch comes filled with makeup.
  18. run through
    The First Photos of LiLo’s ‘Ugly Betty’ Guest SpotLindsay’s character tortures Betty in high-school gym class. And her character also works at a fast-food restaurant. Can’t you just die?!?
  19. loose threads
    Gwen Stefani Launches Fragrances; Police Seize Counterfeits in QueensGwen Stefani’s new set of fragrances represents her and each of her Harajuku dancers. Plus, more counterfeit stings and Armani finally launches luggage — in croc no less…
  20. model tracker
    Freja Topples Posh in the U.K.Posh Spice may steal the cover glory in April’s British ‘Vogue’, but the real star of the issue is Freja Beha.
  21. cult of personality
    Victoria Beckham Refuses to Call Halt to Media OnslaughtFrom the Project Runway judge’s chair to the cover of April’s British Vogue , Posh is inescapable. Inside, there are thirteen pages of pure Posh gloriousness shot by Nick Knight — we’ll post those when we can get hold of them.
  22. new york fugging city
    Setting the Odds on the ‘Project Runway’ WinnerThank God the Project Runway finale is upon us once more! It’s been nearly a year and a half since neck-tattoo enthusiast Jeffrey Sebelia was crowned last season’s winner and, at the very least, we’re jonesing for a new victim to insert into those terrible Saturn ads.
  23. new york fugging city
    Fugging Federer Steals the De la Renta ShowAnyone claiming to be unmoved by the Oscar de la Renta show is a liar. No matter what your take on his clothing is, the setting — at the Third Church of Christ Science on Park Avenue — was frankly kind of spectacular. Add to that an exuberant live performance from the Polyphonic Spree (who surely could never have predicted playing for a roomful of uniformly blonde Upper East Side matrons) and a spontaneous standing ovation for U.S. Open champ and the future Mr. Wintour, Roger Federer, and you’ve got yourself a hell of a morning.
  24. reviews
    Marc Jacobs Lightens UpMarc Jacobs’ new collection vacillated between pure fancy and total wearability. Overal, though, this was fashion at its most Elysian. Lucite: The next big thing? »