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Post Olympic Fever

  1. post-olympic fever
    Michael Phelps Learns Magic Tricks, Attempts WaistcoatSeriously.
  2. post-olympic fever
    Confirmed: Ryan Lochte’s Chest Is Just As Silky-Smooth As EverThank you, 30 Rock, for assuaging our fears.
  3. post-olympic fever
    Ryan Lochte Ate With Unnamed ‘Vogue Editors’Pretty much everything about this sounds off.
  4. tebow < lochte
    Ryan Lochte Better Than Tim Tebow at Rolling Enormous TiresObviously. Plus, Lochte did it first.
  5. wintour wonderland
    Anna Wintour Put Some Hustle in Her Bustle at Ralph Lauren This MorningThe look of a woman who can see the end of New York Fashion Week.
  6. true love
    Ryan Lochte Talked to Anna Wintour, Has Clean TeethAnd other things we discussed when we FINALLY MET HIM IN PERSON.
  7. post-olympic fever
    Yes, Ryan Lochte’s Fashion Design Misadventures Will Be TelevisedYou knew this was coming.
  8. Prince Harry’s Naked Photos Subject of Palace’s WrathAlso, Ryan Lochte was NOT present for the incident, in case you were wondering.
  9. post-olympic fever
    Ryan Lochte May Have Peed on Prince Harry in VegasIn a pool, obviously.
  10. post-olympic fever
    Ryan Lochte Dabbles in Sparkly BraceletsAnd Karlie Kloss wants to walk in his fashion show, whenever it eventually happens.
  11. divas
    In Honor of the Spice Girls: A Tribute to Girl Groups Past and PresentThe Dixie Chicks, TLC, Destiny’s Child, the Shirelles, and many more.
  12. post-olympic fever
    Ryan Lochte Is Considering ‘Multiple Offers’ for a Fashion LineAlso, reality shows.