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  1. power
    3.7 Million Kids Fell Below the Poverty Line in One MonthNow that benefits for low-income parents have expired, child poverty is the highest it’s been since 2020.
  2. nervous state
    Will My Money Anxiety Ever Go Away?After a tumultuous year, I’m not sure I want it to.
  3. hunger
    America’s Food Banks Are Totally Overwhelmed Right NowIt’s never been so important to donate. Here’s how.
  4. the brain
    Growing Up Poor Sparks a ‘Vicious Cycle’ in a Child’s Brain“This is not some liberal bullsh*t.”
  5. inequality
    Is It Worth It to Try to Get Rich People to Realize They’re Lucky?If it’s such an uphill battle, as the research suggests, is it worth maybe trying something else instead?
  6. health
    The White-Mortality Crisis Shows How Psychological Distress Can Become PhysicalIf a group of people feels they have nothing left to strive for and that their best days are behind them, those thoughts will eventually take a toll.
  7. anti-poverty research
    Why Behavioral Approaches to Fighting Poverty Are So ControversialThe “word gap” controversy shows that there are no easy answers when it comes to the best way to address poverty.
  8. A 10-Minute Intervention to Get More Kids Into CollegeCollege enrollment rates shot up 30 percent for high-school seniors.
  9. let’s get real
    The Best Way to End Poverty Is to Start With Birth ControlMelinda Gates on the underlying mission of her family-planning campaign.
  10. How the Block You Live on Affects Your Shot at SuccessLocation, location, location.
  11. the gender gap
    Why Better Abortion Access Makes Women RicherThe undeniably true, rarely discussed topic that will be on lawmakers’ minds tomorrow.
  12. Is Everyone Focusing Too Much on Gentrification?If your concern is poor people getting dislocated, there may be much bigger issues to worry about.
  13. We Just Learned a Sobering New Statistic About Cancer and WealthThis is bad news.
  14. jeb bush
    How ‘Free Stuff’ Pays Off for Families and KidsDirect money to parents appears to improve outcomes for their kids.
  15. scarcity
    What Poverty Does to Your BrainTwo researchers’ pathbreaking work, some of which took place in a Jersey shopping mall.
  16. stats
    The U.S. Is Still a Terrible Place for Maternal HealthAnd other facts from a new report on mothers and children worldwide.
  17. fashion math
    Vogue Fails to Make Us Feel Inadequate EnoughThe June issue’s $343,368 product tally wouldn’t even make it into an episode of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.