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Power Poses

  1. You Don’t Have to Stop Power PosingIf power posing before a scary meeting or job interview has helped you, by god, keep right on doing it.
  2. Why People Love(d) Power Posing: A Science of Us ConversationThis is a bomb going off in the center of the thought leadership–industrial complex.
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    The Fall of Power Poses Has an Interesting House-of-Cards Aspect to ItThe authors of the original study thought they were building on a sound foundation of past research. They may not have been.
  4. Power Posing’ Co-author: ‘I Do Not Believe That ‘Power Pose’ Effects Are Real’Dana Carney has posted a document that is going to send ripples through social psychology.
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    Look at These Cats and Dogs Doing Chic New Year’s YogaWhile modeling over-the-top accessories for spring.