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Power Posing

  1. How Should We Talk About Amy Cuddy, Death Threats, and the Replication Crisis?There has to be a way to talk about problems within social science without the conversation devolving into a highly subjective screamfest.
  2. replication crisis
    Inside Psychology’s ‘Methodological Terrorism’ DebateA seemingly obscure debate about etiquette contains some big questions about the future of social science.
  3. Here Is Amy Cuddy’s Response to Critiques of Her Power-Posing ResearchIt has likely been a long week for the power-posing guru.
  4. power poses
    The Fall of Power Poses Has an Interesting House-of-Cards Aspect to ItThe authors of the original study thought they were building on a sound foundation of past research. They may not have been.
  5. Power Posing’ Co-author: ‘I Do Not Believe That ‘Power Pose’ Effects Are Real’Dana Carney has posted a document that is going to send ripples through social psychology.